Monday, November 29, 2010

Stop Child Abuse

Being a psychology student this year, part of our syllabus was to learn Freud’s theory on personality development. According to Freud, our personality is built based on childhood experiences and parental influence.

A child when born, newly experiences everything. They are innocent and naive and perceive the world as a bright and happy place. Then, the child starts growing up. This is when parental influence plays an important role of building a child’s personality.

hurt-children2Child Abuse is word that can be used to describe different forms of abuse against a child. in my personal opinion, i feel that even giving up a child for adoption is a form of child abuse. If a person isn’t ready to have a child, don’t have sex. It’s as simple as that. Of course a person could argue that by adoption, many families who are unable to have children have a chance to have children. But this isn’t a good reason, it doesn’t excuse those who give up their child.


Child Abuse can be split into two forms, physical abuse and mental abuse.

Physical abuse would be abuse directed to a child through physical means. this includes hitting with things or with hands, kicking, sexual assault, rape, not providing the basic needs for a child such as food, shelter and education and other forms of causing physical harm to a child. physical abuse towards a child can be carried out by people other than the parents of the child themselves as well.

child-abuse3-1Mental abuse would be abuse through mental means. Ever felt put down by your parent? Your parent calling you stupid, or always scolding you for no reason at all? or they laugh at your achievements? etc. that is mental abuse. mental abuse can even include abuse by other people such as teachers, the community and relatives as well as friends. mental abuse for a child basically covers all the words spoken or facial expressions against the child that causes the child to feel hurt or discomfort.


i would love to see all forms of child abuse cease, physical and mental abuse. as well as a decrease in the rate of children given up for adoption. in school, secondary school expecially, we are taught a line in Bahasa Malaysia to start or end our essays. when translated to English, it’s “children are the future of our nation, we should protect them and provide them with all their basic needs to ensure a good future.” Then we would proceed with this sentence “everybody has to work together to make this future come true and become reality”.


Sadly, how many of us are actually aware of this social issue? how many of us are taking a stand against it? and how many of us are showing support for the actions carried out by Unicef in the hopes of stopping child abuse from happening.

child-abuse-awareness-bottons-08Personally, i had a blessed childhood. not only was i provided with the basic needs, i have a loving family and other aspects that make me the person i am today. i would want all the children in the world to have the blessed childhood that i had. sadly, what i want doesn’t always come true, but we can help unicef in its effort right? so i encourage all the readers to sign up with unicef today! i can’t find the original link that i signed up with but you can go through here. or


if i can do it, why can’t you?



HP vs EC

so how many people here subscribe for astro? *raises hand*

and how many people here who subscribes to astro knows that an astro guide is sent to your house every mid month *raises hand*

and now how many lifeless people read the astro guide sometimes *raises hand*

ok, don’t misunderstand, i don’t like read one by one what tv programme is gonna be played on each channel and all. == what i’m referring to is the articles/short stories usually at the back or in front of the astro guide. lol

so i got the december issue of astro guide the other day, and since i had nothing to do, i decided to flip through it. and stumbled across this uber funny short extract. its called when harry meets edward

basically what it did was compare harry potter and edward cullen to see who is better.

so there was three criteria, first is chick magnet which edward cullen won. a hero in the making won by Harry potter, ready, set, fight! won by harry potter. therefore *drumrolls* harry potter wins! expected no? =p

so i thought ok, imma make my own list. =D. i’ll explain the ones in the guide as well

Chick Magnet : harry potter is the epitome of cute with his preppy uniform and signature round-framed specs. however there is just something about forbidden lust that gives bad boys the upper hand with ladies.

Harry :0 , Edward : 1

A Hero in the Making : edward’s vegetarianism and willingness to protect Bella makes him a hero in many female’s eyes. but his heroism is limited to Bella only, while Harry potter is wiling to risk his life for anyone in need.

Harry : 1, Edward : 0

Ready,set,fight! : if they’re both thrown into a boxing ring, harry would probably win if he had a wand and his invisibility cloak with him.

Harry : 1, Edward : 0

vocabulary : when u type it out, u get red squiggly lines beneath edward cullen, but if you type harry potter, u don’t get red squiggly lines! =)

Harry : 1, Edward : 0

Speed : Edward can run everywhere really fast like The Flash! while Harry has to walk everywhere normally or apparate. or if he had his Firebolt he could ride the broomstick and travel really fast.

Harry : 1 Edward :0

Education ; Edward has been living for i don’t know, hundred over years? so in that time he has studied a lot and knows a lotta stuff. while Harry isn’t too good with his studies except for his Defence against the Dark Arts.

Harry : 0, Edward :1

wealth : ka-chingg. harry’s inheritance is huge, but then edward has a family to fall back on if he faces any financial probs. *super big if*

Harry : 0, Edward : 1

so basically, harry rocks socks more than edward, in my personal opinion. =D.



P.S this is a long overdue post. lol. sorrys for the lack of updates, been having blogging block.

P.P.S. no offence to anybody kays. =)., i just prefer harry more. =)

Friday, November 19, 2010


was web surfing just now, stumbled cross Shih Xuan’s blog. there was this entry about camera bags. and omg, this is uber gorgeous max! aaaaaa. can i have it for christmas pretty pretty please. or at least a farewell present for me. *winks*


so nice right?? too bad i can’t afford it. =(. it costs more than 200 bucks, and i would be slaughtered alive if i spent that much on a bag i think since i could find cheaper not so nice looking ones at low yatt. but i can still look right =p

btw, i like both the browns, but then it would be easier to match if i got the dark brown one. *thinking of possibility of ever getting the camera bag*

website if you wanna go drool over the pictures of the bags like i did.

btw, free next week except thurs and fri i think. and mayb tues, so im free on monday and wednesday, anybody wanna do anything? =)



P/S i don’t seem to miss you as much as i thought i would. hmms.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


okays, this blog post is purely for ads purposes. read on though please, u might be interested in some things. =)

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3. They're giving away cute Thumbdrives, Sony MP3 players, Nintendo Wiis for high scorers, and a trip to Mt Fuji for 2 persons as the Grand Prize!

This game is called... the White Mission. You pilot a helicopter and collect mineral salts to beat the high score. They're giving away cute Thumbdrives, Sony MP3 players, Nintendo Wiis for high scorers, and a trip to Mt Fuji for 2 persons as the Grand Prize! See if you can beat your friends! click for more info

4. Raise your hand. Stop child abuse now!

An average of 7 children in Malaysia suffered abuse everyday in 2009, and these were only the reported cases.

Get on Board is a "peoples' campaign" by UNICEF to provide the Malaysian public with the knowledge, insights and resources to stop child abuse. Do the right thing. Get on board. Stop child abuse! click for more info

5. End world hunger by playing this quiz. Somewhere in the world, a starving person will be eating rice that you help provide.

For each right answer you get, 10 grains of rice will be donated through the World Food Programme to starving people around the world. The more right answers you get, the more rice you will provide to starving people! Just play this quiz and complete all 60 levels. click to play

=). thanks for reading to the end!



harry potter and the deathly hallows

sorry, been MIA for a few days, didn’t have inspiration to blog actually.

today, jie-en and i told ourselves we would blog about harry potter and so we shall. =D

800pxdeathlyhallowslogocontrary to popular belief, and the billboards, harry potter and the deathly hallows actually came out today. i know right! all the billboards lie to us, say its coming out on the 18th. ==. hahaha. i tagged along when jie-en and her friends went to watch the movie!

Harry-Potter-and-the-Deathly-Hallowsok, imma give my opinion about the movie then. it was a good movie! =D. seriously, i’m like a die hard fan of Harry Potter cause i practically grew up reading the books. and for the first time, i am very pleased to say the movie followed a lot of the important details in the book. some parts were cut out, but the important details were all there! i’m not going to tell you where they stopped the movie for continuation of the second movie next july though. i would give the movie an 8.5 out of 10.

0002-harry_potter_and_the_deathly_hallows_high_res_image_02-1024x683Harry Potter 7







the acting was good, the actors/actresses really went deep into the characters and played their roles. even jie-en beside me was saying omg, this could be a horror movie! which is true, as the way the most of the book is portrayed as being a bit depressing and scary, as voldemort’s reign increases. the effects and magic was as good as ever. all the small details was paid attention to in the movie. all in all, i really loved the movie! they might have tweaked certain parts of it to keep the movie going though, so there are one or two different facts from the book.

my advice for those who are going to watch the movie anytime soon? read the book first. or your going to be deadly confused. or even watch the other movies before this movie.







cheers! spent a great day with jie-en! =D.



BTW, even if you don’t like harry potter. rupert grint is uber hot!!! *squeals*article-1172735-0496B75E000005DC-529_468x567

Thursday, November 11, 2010


certain drama on twitter has left me with trust issues. trust issues in the sense that you can never anticipate a person’s true colours.

i have had a friend, he was a good friend. a friend that i imagined would remain with me until i have gone to university at least. even though i always said i didn’t trust him, i trusted him to the extent that i told him a lot of personal things. yes mark that, a lot of personal things.

so he started tweeting again after a long time getting his account. at first it was ok, like i tend to read tweets from all the people i follow word by word cause tweets are supposed to be about how you express yourself. then after while, it was nearing my exam time already. and his tweets tend to have a lot of !!!!! and ???? and woot woot and insulting artists like justin bieber (im not a fan but i wouldn’t insult him as well) and used my friends pic as his dis pic for insult reasons and all. so i thought to myself, imma unfollow him for awhile cause when i have my exams i lose my temper very easily i don’t want to suddenly get mad at him. so i did what i did, i unfollowed him. yeah i know, drama started with me partly. but then at that time i didn’t know what to do so i just did it.

i did say something to a mutual friend about how he was going to lose all his friends if he continued tweeting like that, and mayb i shouldn’t have said anything since the advice was taken as an insult. i was planning to follow him again after my exams. fate wasn’t with me i guess. he found out that i unfollowed him. and so he did what i did, he unfollowed me. it didn’t stop there.

he posted this : Feel so spacious now.just unfollow one bitch.feel not so stuffed easy it could be!

and no it didn’t stop there. a lot of insults followed. i also don’t know why. not like i was reading his twitter. o.o. i only found out about the insults when somebody told me he was posting them. then he insulted my friend, which was the last straw. because i was moving on, and i didn’t really care about what had happened.

i posted : honestly? i'm not blaming you for everything. i admit that i did wrong as well. but calling me a bitch was just plain could have just confronted me, asked me what's wrong, instead of tweeting and fb-ing bout it.or was our friendship that meaningless that you like to assume the worst instead of asking me straight of my major regrets last month? i sms-ed to ask whether you were ok, while u called me a bitch on twitter.O btw, last time im posting anything bout u on twttr, fb, blog & whatever. im surrounding my life w/ ppl who treat me as a friend instead

and i didn’t get any retaliation for a while. i assumed he was getting over it too. haha no, it was as i called it, wishful thinking. took him a few days. but he came back full force.

he posted ; Finally done with all those friendship things.not so stuff anymore!!not so oily!!!!yes!!

a few days later. he posted : What you have said about me having no friends if I keep on like this maybe right.but it's because of you and your junk only it happens so bitches!!fuck you all!! See.both of two are just so miserable.not me.bitches!! Omg.stop using people's quote.this is so autism freak.and stop saying people handsome.if you like him.go tell him in front of him.but I bet you won't cause you yourself know that you don't and never will exist in his world at all  Eh bitches!!you two seriously need to change all your mirrors in your house.omg!!!

oh and 1 minute ago. he posted ; Did you not do wrong??come on.if you did not.I wouldn't have done that.fucking just don't wanna lose in front of me.

the point of this post? its to explain what is going on. and to say to you.

i never said i didn’t do wrong. i never said it. i’m sick and tired of all the insults. yes, twitter is meant for you to express your feelings, and u gotta be prepared for what other people say. so then u should be prepared for what we have to say as well. or ur being a hypocrite. express away, i don’t care anymore. you know what i was thinking of this morning, i was thinking of calling you after the exam so we can talk about it. now i’m just thinking its pointless. since you cant seem to move on. insult away. have fun. take your time. i don’t care anymore. oh and yes i think ur very gutless for not facing me face to face instead of tweeting behind our back. i rather u confront me instead of insult me behind my back. it would have changed the circumstances a lot.



Tuesday, November 9, 2010

4 down, 1 to go.

quick update. refer to title, 4 down, 1 to go!

next Monday would be the final paper for SAM then its all over! boy, the year passed fast. o.o. OMG, I’M GETTING OLDDD. *ong jeng jeng and i were telling each other we’re old this morning before exam cause she got joint pain and i got butt pain. ROFLMAO*

yesterday was Econs, it was a total killer, i almost died. yeah it was that bad, but then there are people who tell me it was easy. *kills with eyes* it was ok la, like i could do it, but i don’t know whether its correct. been saying the same about all the papers though. Today was Psychology, harder and longer than expected. but then what i studied came out, so i’m a lil’ happy bout that. =),

main point of this post? i wanna wail about my fatness. *okok fat is taboo word* chubbiness then. lmao. yeah, since exams started, my eating habits have gone haywire. seriously, on the days i don’t have exams, i seep at about 2-3am studying, so that means i would eat a midnight supper snack. then i’d wake up at about 11-12am, which means im just in time for lunch. then after lunch i’d either study or laze about a bit. then if im tired i would have a nap, if i’m not i would have tea and then study until 7pm. then i’d watch top chef, eat dinner. after dinner either study or watch a bit more tv then shower all. bla bla. the cycle continues. so yeah, im eating a lottt. which makes me depressed, which makes me wanna eat more. ==. see im wailing.

o.- 189486044189873224







my exploitations, usually in the wee hours of the morning. =D. i’ve perfected the art of cooking maggi mee using the microwave. hahaha.

and guess what, my dad went on holiday, and i gave him a list of sweets to buy for me cause u cant get those sweets in m’sia. oh the joy of a sugar rush. if your nice to me i’ll give u some. =D.

okays, imma go pig out and sleep now. yes literally pig out since i had my food and now imma sleep. =D. will update soon. like real soon, depending on my mood. hehes. =D.




P.P.S above pics taken with phone camera, i love technology. =D

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Malaysian jokes

got these jokes in an e-mail that i got recently. enjoy! =)

1. Najib, Pak Lah, and Old man Mahathir were patrolling in a helicopter.

Old Man Mahathir: "If I drop a piece of RM1000 note from here, the person that picks it up must be very happy."

Pak Lah: "If I throw two pieces of RM500notes down, it will make 2 persons happy."

Najib: "If I drop TEN pieces of RM100notes, there will be 10 happy people."
The pilot murmuring to himself: "Why don't all of you just jump down from here, that will make 25 million people happy."

2. Samy V wished to enhance his reputation by publishing a series of stamps with his portraits.

1 month after the launch, Samy surveys its sales. 

Post Office Chief: "Not bad... but we got quite a number of complaints that the glue is not strong enough."
Samy:  : "Really...?"

He spits at the back of the stamp and sticks the stamp on an envelope:  "The glue seems ok."

Post Office Chief::  "Yes, but every one spits on the front of the stamp ...."

3.  Midnight, Najib went for supper and bumped into a robber.

Robber: "Give me all your money!!"

Najib was very angry: "I am the honorable Prime Minister!"

Robber: "Well, then ... return all my money."

4.  One fine day, Najib, Muyahiddin and parliament members were on the way to a meeting where they all crashed in an accident and was rushed to the hospital.

The reporters were at the hospital, the  doctor shook his head "We have done our best to rescue the PM but ..."                  
Reporters:"How about Muyahiddin?"

Doctor:"We were unable to rescue him either ..."

Reporters:"Who have you saved?"

The doctor was excited:"Malaysia is now saved!"

5.  Samy V visited the psychiatric hospital. All the patients hurray for him but there is one patient who ignored Samy.

Samy: "Why does he not welcome me?"

Doc: "He is normal today (not insane)."

6.  Election campaign time -- car load of politicians were involved in a car accident.

A farmer saw and rushed to the scene but all the passengers were dead.
He buried all the passengers.

Few days later, the police in charge found the farmer and asked where all
the politicians were and was told that they had all been buried.

Police: "Did they all die?"

Farmer: "Hmmm, Samy was screaming that he is still alive when I buried him"

Police: "Then why you bury him anyway?"

Farmer: "Because Samy never tells the truth."

no offence to anybody. just some jokes. =)



Saturday, November 6, 2010

tall, dark and mysteriously stylish(the new BlackBerry Torch 9800 Smartphone)

Referring to the post title, you would assume i’m going to talk about a new guy celebrity that i find hot right, but unfortunately, you are clearly misguided. I am in fact going to talk about *drumroll pls* the new BlackBerry Torch 9800 smartphone.


BlackBerry Torch 9800 is the first smartphone with both blackberry keyboard and full 3.2inch touch screen. its like a BlackBerry combined with Iphone! awesomes much? With this new design for a BlackBerry as well, it is easy to switch between the well designed qwerty keyboard and touch screen as well as touch pad. For a smartphone user like me, i really love my qwerty keyboard as i can virtually type without looking at my phone itself, but i do miss a touch screen and all the games available to it. With this smartphone however, i would not miss out on either feature! Having a touch screen is especially convenient for web browsing as well. as i can easily switch between pages.


Not only is this smartphone jam-packed with these two awesome features in one, it also has a 5MP camera with flash, autofocus and 11 different camera modes and video modes, 8GB memory card which is expandable to up to 32 GB, it is also running the latest in BlackBerry software, the BlackBerry 6. The BlackBerry 6 has a stunning visual design and an implementation of an amazing array of enhancements, including the new WebKit-based web browser which was first previewed at MWC earlier this year.


This phone also has features that Iphone users might be used to, such as using your fingers to pinch a screen for a zoomed out effect and expand two fingers to zoom in, There is also a full-featured music player that allows you to see full album art and track listings in portrait or landscape.

It also has integrated social feeds!. ok i admit, i was a bit confused when i read this term, but after a bit of reading, i can safely assume that it means this. It gathers and filter all your social network and RSS feeds in one view and updates multiple social networks with a single post.overview_image9

What about its battery life then? It contains an amazing 5.8 hours of talk time! or even 30 hours of music playback, thats about one day and 6 hours.

There was in fact a launching of this amazing phone on the 29th of October where the first 10 people in the queue only had to pay RM8 for their BlackBerry Torch 9800. After that, for the rest of the customers in line, the phone cost RM488 and RM888 respectively! Even though the event on that day started at 3pm, the lucky 10 winners started queuing at Pavilion from 2am onwards! i call that dedication. o.o  However, Celcom still has some amazing deals for those who are interested in this phone. These deals start from 3rd November onwards!


The prices that celcom is offering is amazingly affordable for the average person interested in a BlackBerry! considering its normal price is selling at RM2500.

You can visit that website for more info on the available deals. purchases made at any blue cube outlets would also include free 2 GSC movie tickets currently!

After reading this blog post, need i say more about buying this phone? If your currently looking to purchase a new phone, this is a good and reliable choice.



Friday, November 5, 2010

real news?

so i was googling for some pictures for an upcoming blog post. and i got some pictures of the oh-so-hot Ed Westwick!. so i decided to click the link right, and then i stumbled upon this website. not too sure whether it appeals to your reading preferences, but i got to say, some of the news/stories on it sure are entertaining to read.

such as the ones about facebook, and how a woman had to pay $1.5 mil for illegally downloading 24 songs from Kazaa.

decided to share the website cause i know for a fact that a lot of people are going through exams or are going to sit for exams soon. maybe a bit of light reading when your bored? haha. =)



P.S i ain’t advertising for the website btw. o.-

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Be Part of ChurpChurp Today!

there’s a square icon that looks similiar to this icon on the right sidebar right? found it yet? go further down a bit then you’ll see it!. churpchurp_logo

ever wondered what ChurpChurp is? or why Joanna has put a bird icon with huge eyes on her blog these past days? (gotta admit the bird is sorta cute haha)

in simple terms, ChurpChurp is a social media network that specializes in advertising. (i think i got that right) if you follow me on twitter, u’ll see that recently i had this ad post that said something like AllianceBank having Swipe, Sign and Go Contest right? that’s through ChurpChurp!

basically, ChurpChurp is paying you to update for them, either on twitter or facebook. you can even choose the frequency with which you receive assignments to update. simple enough right? and you get paid for doing it. how awesome is that!and if after awhile u decide to stop churping, you just have to turn off the assignment button and you won’t receive anymore updates. =)

ok now off to the reasons why you, yes you! should join ChurpChurp. =)

1. first off, *cue money money money song*


money may not buy you happiness, but it sure doesn’t hurt to have a bit extra each month either, (or you could just give me the money XD )

2. you get to meet more people through the activities they have5112517737_2fd5c88aee_z

for example, fly kite day that was held at taylors lakeside recently. (when was the last time you flew a kite eh. =p ) let’s say you meet person A. person A has friend B and C. you meet them as well. then friend B and C also have friends that you meet. and it goes on and on and on. one day you might able to meet everybody in the whole entire world! *evil laughs muahahaha* sorry, this is what you get after a 3hr maths exam. =s

3.your already online surfing the net you might as well do this as well. computer-recovery

you spend about 1-2 hours a day on the computer at least right? ( i spend about 5-6hrs XD ), instead of googling or you-tubing the while time, or while waiting for you video to load in YouTube, you could sign up for ChurpChurp and complete assignments. it only takes you about 2-5 mins to compose a tweet to update, so why not do it? your getting paid for 2 mins of work. =D

ok so go sign up nao! ok kidding, i ain’t forcing you. haha

basic process of signing up for ChurpChurp is : (if your interested XD )

1. go to

2.Sign up with us.

3. Approve access to and so that we are able to get down to work. Note that we do not store your or password.

4. Choose your preferences for alcohol/tobacco related assignments, and disclaimers for scheduled tweets.

requirements to join? all you need is an active Facebook or twitter account.and your all set to becoming a churper. yes, it is that simple!

activities that i wanna see ChurpChurp have more often? more premiere movie screenings! or like mini field trips kinda thing. =)



Tuesday, November 2, 2010

top 10 favourite love/romance movies!

since i don’t feel like studying nor sleeping. i' thought i’d make a list. cause well, i am a romance movie junkie. haha. =)

starting from the back!

10. Dear John (2010)dear-john

my number 10 favourite romance movie is dear john. in fact, it just came out this year. it features Channing Tatum as John Tyree, a soldier returning home during on leave from the army as well as Amanda Seyfried as Savannah Curtis who is a college student on spring break. They meet when Savannah accidently drops her bag into the sea and John jumps in to retrieve it. From then on, they spend a lot of time together as their relationship develops and they learn more about each other. Before John’s return to the army and Savannah’s return to college, they get into an argument which results in John writing his first note to Savannah. After they reconcile, Savannah and John continue to communicate by letters even though they are miles apart. John returns for Savannah’s graduation, but decides to return to the army when 9/11 strikes. They continue communication through letters but Savannah sends her last letter to John to tell him of her marriage to another man. Overall it was a good movie, i just wished the actors and actresses showed a bit more emotion.

9. Enchanted (2007)


Number 9 favourite movie goes to Enchanted. It’s actually a typical Disney princess movie which i love! if i had the chance i would include quite a lot of the Disney princess movies into this list, but then i would have to expand this list to top 20 or 25 favourite romance movies. Enchanted revolves around a damsel in distress names Giselle played by Amy Adams. Patrick Dempsey plays Robert Philip who doesn’t believe in fairytales and has trouble committing to relationships. Giselle slowly changes Robert’s mind as she talks about true loves kiss and happy ever afters, while Giselle slowly adapts to the real world until she decides not to leave and return back to Andalusia. slowly but surely, Robert and Giselle fall in love and face conflict through the appearance of an evil witch from back in Andalusia. Typical disney princess movie, who wouldn’t like it? =D

8. A Cinderella Story ( 2004 )


Yup, The title says it all. It’s a modern twist to the old Cinderella story. Sam Montgomery ( Hillary Duff ) would be cinderella while her prince charming is Austin Ames ( Chad Michael Murray ). Sam loses her dad in an earthquake and is then forced to live under her evil stepmother and stepsisters. Austin is a closet poet who is also the quarterback for the school. Sam and Austin meet online and communicate a lot as both of their goals are to go to Princeton and they have many similiar interests, Sam meets Austin at the halloween ball and drops her handphone when running away. Austin then searches for his cinderella in school. There is a happy ending though. =). I love this movie because it is realistic and could really happen, unlike some of the other adaptations to the cinderella movie.

7. Mamma Mia! (2008)


The movie centres around a mother and daughter, Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) and Donna (Meryl Streep) as Sophie struggles to find her father in time for her wedding while Donna tries to run away from her past. The movie includes many of Abba;s famour hits which tells most of the story through the lyrics. Pierce Brosnan acts as Sam who is Donna’s true love even after all the years spent apart. Instead of Sophie getting married, in the end Sophie decides to travel the world with her fiancee before they tie the knot. Instead, Donna and Sam get married during the ceremony that was actually meant for Sophie and fiancee. Love the music and dancing in this movie. especially when the super trouper song and money money money song were performed.

6. Made of Honour ( 2008 )


Tom Bailey (Patrick Dempsey) is a bachelor and wants to stay that way for a long time to enjoy as much as possible. While his best friend, Hannah ( Michelle Monaghan) is in love with Tom but he is painfully unaware of it. While Hannah goes on holiday to Scotland, Tom suddenly realises that he wants Hannah to be more than his best friend. However, Hannah returns with a fiancee and asks Tom to be made of honour for the wedding. Overall, i really love this movie. It’s funny, McDreamy is in it, and the scenery and architecture in it is quite pretty. the plot and story line is good, not to mention i was very happy with the ending.

5. Armageddon ( 1998 )


i for a fact know a lot of people who have not watched armageddon before. After reading this,you should! =D. An asteroid is headed for earth and Harry Stamper ( Bruce Willis ) is called in to help save the earth by burrying a bom inside the asteroid. A. J. Frost (Ben Affleck) is included in the team that Harry picks to bring along on this outer space trip. However, A.J.Frost is at that moment in love with Grace Stamper (Liv Tyler). Before leaving, A.J. and some of his friends do this really nice rendition of i’m leaving on a jetplane. The plot for the movie is good, the acting is good, and the soundtrack is good. what’s not to love? =)

4. Sweet Home Alabama ( 2002 )


i like this movie cause its a slightly different spin on the usual love story out there. Melanie Smooter ( Reese Witherspoon ) is a up and coming designer in New York, but she has a past that she hides from everybody in New York. She is still married to her husband, Jake Perry 9 Josh Lucas) back in Alabama. When her New York boyfriend, Andrew Hennings ( Patrick Dempsey ) proposes to her, she returns to Alabama to convince Jack to sign the divorce papers. She is reminded back to her life in Alabama before and realises she still has feelings for Jake. I like the ending to this movie, the storyline was somewhat unexpected and the humour was good as well.

3. The Notebook ( 2004 )


The movie actually revolves around two love stories. Both love stories actually being the same people except when they are old and young. The story starts with Duke (James Garner) reading from a journal to Allie ( Gena Rowlands) about a love story revolving around Noah ( Ryan Gosling ) and a younger Allie ( Rachel McAdams). The older Allie has developed Alzheimers and only has momentary flashback to her past. Duke reads to her almost everyday to try and help her remember her past. both sides of the love story is touching and entertaining for when they are younger, as Noah and Allie fight and quarrel all the time but still their love prevails. Duke’s dedication to Allie is heartbreaking and makes all of us wish that we had it too. D=

2. A Walk to Remember ( 2002 )


love love love this movie. I like the movie more than the book i gotta admit, Shane West plays Landon Carter, a trouble maker in school while Mandy Moore is Jamie Sullivan, a preacher’s daugher. Landon gets into trouble at school and is assigned to community service in the form of acting in the annual christmas play and also helping out at an orphanage. slowly but surely, he falls in love with Jamie. but Jamie has a secret, she is dying of luekemia and only has a few more months to live. the movie is realistic and so sweet. i cried after watching the movie! =S

1. Titanic (1997 )


Who could forget the ultimate love story of all time? yeah i totally love this movie. Jack Dawson ( Leonardo DiCaprio ) is an aspiring artist who wins his ticket onboard the Titanic through a lucky hand at cards. Rose DeWitt ( Kate Winslett)  is a rich young woman trying to escape a life of being prim and proper all the time. As Rose is trying to jump off deck from Titanic, Jack spots her and saves her from jumping. they then develop a friendship and from then on fall in love. i don’t really need to give more of a synopsis, cause everybody knows the story right?

haha. so thats my top ten list. my reasons for doing this blog post? i was trying to escape studying for a few hours. haha. but no la, my main reason for doing this blog post was i wanted to share my fav love movies with people out there and i want you to tell me what your favourite love movies are. =).



P.S post a comment about your fav romance movies! =D

Monday, November 1, 2010

firsts and lasts

this year really went by so fast.

DSC_0112in the beginning of the year my only objective was to make as many friends as possible in SAM and also get some good results.

DSC_0159mid year i was just trying to stay afloat with all the work and assignments and also still trying to get the top grades in all the subjects while trying to balance a social life and also leo activities,









now this year has almost come to an end. today marks the last two months of 2010. my main onjective? to get the results that i want for finals. and also to keep the friends that i have made and to cherish the relationships forged with everybody. and also to enjoy my last few months in Malaysia( if my finals results are good enough that is).








the week before last marked the final day as a SAM student, nope i don’t count exams. how i felt? i felt like a major part of my life was ending. a new part of my life? not so much. felt a bit empty. it was the first time that all the P3 students who were present went out for lunch together. yes, even though we’ve spent 9 months in the same classroom, we still have cliques that we stick to, making it hard for us to even share a meal together. don’t misunderstand, we all get along, but the topic of conversation is vastly different. after lunch we even skipped maths and psychology to go shopping together, not all of us, just a few of us. it was fun as we can all accept each other’s style of dressing and fashion sense. =)

DSC_0149DSC_0224DSC_0203today was the first day of exams. i can honestly say i was panicking before the exam. i kept going up to people and going like, what if i cannot get an A, OMG, i;m gonna be stuck in malaysia for the rest of my life. then they’d give me that omg, ur a nerd why are you worrying about your studies look. ==. although my friends do give me support and try to motivate me before exams. =). i need some serious motivation to get me through the rest of the exams. =s.

DSC_0209sorry, this post a bit messy, cause i just woke up from a nap and felt like blogging. hehes.



P/S last sunday or saturday i was a bit bored then i put this hit counter in my blog. i am very surprised by the amount of readers, like i only expected one reader a day or something. so here’s to all my readers. thank you very much for taking the time to read this. =). me luv luv you banyak banyak. hehes!. =D.


P/P/S this bird came into my house the other day and decided to visit my brother’s room. it was hilarious cause the bird kept heading to my bro’s bed. see pic above, in the end my bro had to chase it out with a broom cause trying to lure it out with bread crumbs wasn’t working. lol!