Sunday, July 25, 2010

driving lessons.

listening to Travis Mccoy feat Bruno Mars - Billionnaire

02072010148 K’s aweshum split in half student ID. its super farnie when hes tryin to scan in to the library! =D

Nothing much to blog about actually, just wanted to tell you people that i’m alive and kicking. haha

owh, i am currently undergoing my driving lessons, today i got the question whether i want to pay rasuah for my test. before you start judging me, i am not going to pay la. =)

but i just wanted to tell you about this awesome rule in Switzerland. if you fail your driving test 3 times, they will send you to see a psychologist. =D. super aweshums la. hahaha

okays. i have maths test this week, so i have to go nerd now.

and its raining! hahaha. =). yes i wanted to tell you it’s raining because i have a phobia of washing my hair when its raining because it takes too long and i’m scared that lightning will strike the house and go through the power lines and electrocute me while im washing my hair. haha. =).

byes pretty people. =)



Thursday, July 22, 2010

life is a highway

listening to rascal flatts – life is a highway

i just realise i didnt post a birthday post this year, i know a bit overdue, but better late than never right

on the 10th of July, i started my day off with some sms-es from some aweshum people at 12am. especially jeng mey at 12am on the dot, and the continuous sms-es from wen long, andrew, jie-en and shuk pui. <3

in the morning, had to go early to set up for petaling jaya integrity leo installation and anniversary. =). had an aweshum time getting ready and also throughout the event, was totally surprised when they asked me to go on stage to blow candles on a cake. <3


then eddy, seng, em and xiang picked me up and we went to baskin robbins, where the rest waited. sory i was late. ><. haha. and it was so farnie the way eddy was driving cause they had something big at the back and he couldn sit properly. lol34142_421943002864_551912864_4541476_7640837_n35271_409457813519_584048519_4601139_7351300_n

after baskin robbins, went to pui’s apartment. we sat around the pool and talked or more like gossiped. haha. they also surprised me with this totally aweshum bag as a present. <3 <3 <3

stayed over at jie-en’s that night. totally aweshum dayDSC_1934

thanks for all the wishes, presents and also to my aweshum classmates.

they surprised me the day before on friday with a birthday cake during lunch, and on monday after my birthday, surprised me again with a bottle and a thumbdrive. <3 <3 <classmates13        

had a totally aweshum birthday this year

thank you so much everybody. =)



Thursday, July 15, 2010



today, i wanna tell you how to make pancakes. =). i actually made them a while back for mothers day. but been lazy to upload the photos from my phone so yeah.


the batter consistes of flour, eggs and bananas. loads of bananas. a pinch of salt and baking soda as well. put as many bananas as you want, but mostly its equal parts of flour and eggs. if you want ur batter to be more wattery, add some milk or a bit of water. 09052010019just dollop a spoonful into the pan and cook!. wait until its golden on both sides then its done. poke it a bit with your spatula first to make sure its cooked though. (i still cant cook perfect round ones. hmm)

09052010018a little bit burnt. this was breakfast! and to top it off, i squeezed some fresh orange juice as well. 


09052010021 so next time mother’s day or father’s day comes around, there are other ideas you can do instead of the usual card and flowers. =). put in a bit of heart.



Thursday, July 1, 2010

smile, though your heart is breaking

Listening to Glee cast – smile (charlie chaplin cover)

Our tutorial component for ESL finished on Tuesday, so our lecturer ms.Jullianne decided to show us documentaries to occupy our time. On Wednesday and Thursday, she showed us The Cove.

091028133421_bloody_cove_466The Cove is about the dolphin slaughter in Taiji, Japan. Dolphins are caught and sold to Seaworld and other commercial enterprises for entertainment. The remaining dolphins which are caught but not sold are slaughtered for their meat.

About 23000! dolphins are slaughtered every year in Taiji Japan. And every year is only from SEPTEMBER TO MAY.

The Cove uncovers this horror In Taiji, Japan. the fishermen catch the dolphins by banging on long poles which disturbs the sonar hearing of dolphins. The dolphins try to run from the sound and enter the net enclosure. After the dolphins are bought, the rest of the unbought dolphins are lured into The Cove and slaughtered their. The fishermen carry long poles with sharp ends and thrust it into the dolphins. IMAGINE IF THE ROLES WERE REVERSED AND WE WERE BEING KILLED INNOCENTLY!

Some images in the video may be disturbing but WE NEED TO CREATE AWARENESS FOR THIS ISSUE! Because the view on this issue by the Japanese?

“ The dolphins are eating too much fish in the sea, we are merely controlling trying to avoid the extinction of fish.”

The Japanese are treating this as sort of a pest control! And are helping with the cover up of this issue. Dolphin meat CAUSES MERCURY POISONING. which leads to disfigurement and sicknesses!

Even famous actresses such as Hayden Panettiere has taken an active role to create awareness and try to stop this from happening. what can you do?

1’ Watch The Cove

2. Call the IWC and tell them your stand

3. Support your country’s decision to ban the slaughter of dolphins


please help, because,

12152485A~Dolphin-kiss-Postersdo they really deserve this?