Monday, November 1, 2010

firsts and lasts

this year really went by so fast.

DSC_0112in the beginning of the year my only objective was to make as many friends as possible in SAM and also get some good results.

DSC_0159mid year i was just trying to stay afloat with all the work and assignments and also still trying to get the top grades in all the subjects while trying to balance a social life and also leo activities,









now this year has almost come to an end. today marks the last two months of 2010. my main onjective? to get the results that i want for finals. and also to keep the friends that i have made and to cherish the relationships forged with everybody. and also to enjoy my last few months in Malaysia( if my finals results are good enough that is).








the week before last marked the final day as a SAM student, nope i don’t count exams. how i felt? i felt like a major part of my life was ending. a new part of my life? not so much. felt a bit empty. it was the first time that all the P3 students who were present went out for lunch together. yes, even though we’ve spent 9 months in the same classroom, we still have cliques that we stick to, making it hard for us to even share a meal together. don’t misunderstand, we all get along, but the topic of conversation is vastly different. after lunch we even skipped maths and psychology to go shopping together, not all of us, just a few of us. it was fun as we can all accept each other’s style of dressing and fashion sense. =)

DSC_0149DSC_0224DSC_0203today was the first day of exams. i can honestly say i was panicking before the exam. i kept going up to people and going like, what if i cannot get an A, OMG, i;m gonna be stuck in malaysia for the rest of my life. then they’d give me that omg, ur a nerd why are you worrying about your studies look. ==. although my friends do give me support and try to motivate me before exams. =). i need some serious motivation to get me through the rest of the exams. =s.

DSC_0209sorry, this post a bit messy, cause i just woke up from a nap and felt like blogging. hehes.



P/S last sunday or saturday i was a bit bored then i put this hit counter in my blog. i am very surprised by the amount of readers, like i only expected one reader a day or something. so here’s to all my readers. thank you very much for taking the time to read this. =). me luv luv you banyak banyak. hehes!. =D.


P/P/S this bird came into my house the other day and decided to visit my brother’s room. it was hilarious cause the bird kept heading to my bro’s bed. see pic above, in the end my bro had to chase it out with a broom cause trying to lure it out with bread crumbs wasn’t working. lol!

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