Tuesday, November 9, 2010

4 down, 1 to go.

quick update. refer to title, 4 down, 1 to go!

next Monday would be the final paper for SAM then its all over! boy, the year passed fast. o.o. OMG, I’M GETTING OLDDD. *ong jeng jeng and i were telling each other we’re old this morning before exam cause she got joint pain and i got butt pain. ROFLMAO*

yesterday was Econs, it was a total killer, i almost died. yeah it was that bad, but then there are people who tell me it was easy. *kills with eyes* it was ok la, like i could do it, but i don’t know whether its correct. been saying the same about all the papers though. Today was Psychology, harder and longer than expected. but then what i studied came out, so i’m a lil’ happy bout that. =),

main point of this post? i wanna wail about my fatness. *okok fat is taboo word* chubbiness then. lmao. yeah, since exams started, my eating habits have gone haywire. seriously, on the days i don’t have exams, i seep at about 2-3am studying, so that means i would eat a midnight supper snack. then i’d wake up at about 11-12am, which means im just in time for lunch. then after lunch i’d either study or laze about a bit. then if im tired i would have a nap, if i’m not i would have tea and then study until 7pm. then i’d watch top chef, eat dinner. after dinner either study or watch a bit more tv then shower all. bla bla. the cycle continues. so yeah, im eating a lottt. which makes me depressed, which makes me wanna eat more. ==. see im wailing.

o.- 189486044189873224







my exploitations, usually in the wee hours of the morning. =D. i’ve perfected the art of cooking maggi mee using the microwave. hahaha.

and guess what, my dad went on holiday, and i gave him a list of sweets to buy for me cause u cant get those sweets in m’sia. oh the joy of a sugar rush. if your nice to me i’ll give u some. =D.

okays, imma go pig out and sleep now. yes literally pig out since i had my food and now imma sleep. =D. will update soon. like real soon, depending on my mood. hehes. =D.




P.P.S above pics taken with phone camera, i love technology. =D

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