Monday, November 29, 2010

HP vs EC

so how many people here subscribe for astro? *raises hand*

and how many people here who subscribes to astro knows that an astro guide is sent to your house every mid month *raises hand*

and now how many lifeless people read the astro guide sometimes *raises hand*

ok, don’t misunderstand, i don’t like read one by one what tv programme is gonna be played on each channel and all. == what i’m referring to is the articles/short stories usually at the back or in front of the astro guide. lol

so i got the december issue of astro guide the other day, and since i had nothing to do, i decided to flip through it. and stumbled across this uber funny short extract. its called when harry meets edward

basically what it did was compare harry potter and edward cullen to see who is better.

so there was three criteria, first is chick magnet which edward cullen won. a hero in the making won by Harry potter, ready, set, fight! won by harry potter. therefore *drumrolls* harry potter wins! expected no? =p

so i thought ok, imma make my own list. =D. i’ll explain the ones in the guide as well

Chick Magnet : harry potter is the epitome of cute with his preppy uniform and signature round-framed specs. however there is just something about forbidden lust that gives bad boys the upper hand with ladies.

Harry :0 , Edward : 1

A Hero in the Making : edward’s vegetarianism and willingness to protect Bella makes him a hero in many female’s eyes. but his heroism is limited to Bella only, while Harry potter is wiling to risk his life for anyone in need.

Harry : 1, Edward : 0

Ready,set,fight! : if they’re both thrown into a boxing ring, harry would probably win if he had a wand and his invisibility cloak with him.

Harry : 1, Edward : 0

vocabulary : when u type it out, u get red squiggly lines beneath edward cullen, but if you type harry potter, u don’t get red squiggly lines! =)

Harry : 1, Edward : 0

Speed : Edward can run everywhere really fast like The Flash! while Harry has to walk everywhere normally or apparate. or if he had his Firebolt he could ride the broomstick and travel really fast.

Harry : 1 Edward :0

Education ; Edward has been living for i don’t know, hundred over years? so in that time he has studied a lot and knows a lotta stuff. while Harry isn’t too good with his studies except for his Defence against the Dark Arts.

Harry : 0, Edward :1

wealth : ka-chingg. harry’s inheritance is huge, but then edward has a family to fall back on if he faces any financial probs. *super big if*

Harry : 0, Edward : 1

so basically, harry rocks socks more than edward, in my personal opinion. =D.



P.S this is a long overdue post. lol. sorrys for the lack of updates, been having blogging block.

P.P.S. no offence to anybody kays. =)., i just prefer harry more. =)

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