Tuesday, November 1, 2011

tea at milk & honey =)
hey peeps!

nothing much going on lately, just incredible urges to bake, and go shopping.

other than that, nothing much

owh! and i finally quit my job! =)

so basically, my first final exam is in 8 days time. am i stressed? yes, i am.

so if i'm grumpy, snappy, etc lately, blame it on the stress.

and i'm sunburnt too. == blame the australian sun.

and the light in my room is spoilt, so instead of studying in semi-darkness, i went to one of the computer labs to study. turned out the one i went to wasn't 24 hours. so by 10.30pm i was asked to leave TT. and when i went to check the 24 hour labs, they were full. so now im back in my room, and studying by hot table lamp light. ==. tomorrow, i am determined to block a seat at the 24 hour lab to study. LOL

errr, basically, nothing else going on i think. other than the usual tiredness and all.