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top 10 favourite love/romance movies!

since i don’t feel like studying nor sleeping. i' thought i’d make a list. cause well, i am a romance movie junkie. haha. =)

starting from the back!

10. Dear John (2010)dear-john

my number 10 favourite romance movie is dear john. in fact, it just came out this year. it features Channing Tatum as John Tyree, a soldier returning home during on leave from the army as well as Amanda Seyfried as Savannah Curtis who is a college student on spring break. They meet when Savannah accidently drops her bag into the sea and John jumps in to retrieve it. From then on, they spend a lot of time together as their relationship develops and they learn more about each other. Before John’s return to the army and Savannah’s return to college, they get into an argument which results in John writing his first note to Savannah. After they reconcile, Savannah and John continue to communicate by letters even though they are miles apart. John returns for Savannah’s graduation, but decides to return to the army when 9/11 strikes. They continue communication through letters but Savannah sends her last letter to John to tell him of her marriage to another man. Overall it was a good movie, i just wished the actors and actresses showed a bit more emotion.

9. Enchanted (2007)


Number 9 favourite movie goes to Enchanted. It’s actually a typical Disney princess movie which i love! if i had the chance i would include quite a lot of the Disney princess movies into this list, but then i would have to expand this list to top 20 or 25 favourite romance movies. Enchanted revolves around a damsel in distress names Giselle played by Amy Adams. Patrick Dempsey plays Robert Philip who doesn’t believe in fairytales and has trouble committing to relationships. Giselle slowly changes Robert’s mind as she talks about true loves kiss and happy ever afters, while Giselle slowly adapts to the real world until she decides not to leave and return back to Andalusia. slowly but surely, Robert and Giselle fall in love and face conflict through the appearance of an evil witch from back in Andalusia. Typical disney princess movie, who wouldn’t like it? =D

8. A Cinderella Story ( 2004 )


Yup, The title says it all. It’s a modern twist to the old Cinderella story. Sam Montgomery ( Hillary Duff ) would be cinderella while her prince charming is Austin Ames ( Chad Michael Murray ). Sam loses her dad in an earthquake and is then forced to live under her evil stepmother and stepsisters. Austin is a closet poet who is also the quarterback for the school. Sam and Austin meet online and communicate a lot as both of their goals are to go to Princeton and they have many similiar interests, Sam meets Austin at the halloween ball and drops her handphone when running away. Austin then searches for his cinderella in school. There is a happy ending though. =). I love this movie because it is realistic and could really happen, unlike some of the other adaptations to the cinderella movie.

7. Mamma Mia! (2008)


The movie centres around a mother and daughter, Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) and Donna (Meryl Streep) as Sophie struggles to find her father in time for her wedding while Donna tries to run away from her past. The movie includes many of Abba;s famour hits which tells most of the story through the lyrics. Pierce Brosnan acts as Sam who is Donna’s true love even after all the years spent apart. Instead of Sophie getting married, in the end Sophie decides to travel the world with her fiancee before they tie the knot. Instead, Donna and Sam get married during the ceremony that was actually meant for Sophie and fiancee. Love the music and dancing in this movie. especially when the super trouper song and money money money song were performed.

6. Made of Honour ( 2008 )


Tom Bailey (Patrick Dempsey) is a bachelor and wants to stay that way for a long time to enjoy as much as possible. While his best friend, Hannah ( Michelle Monaghan) is in love with Tom but he is painfully unaware of it. While Hannah goes on holiday to Scotland, Tom suddenly realises that he wants Hannah to be more than his best friend. However, Hannah returns with a fiancee and asks Tom to be made of honour for the wedding. Overall, i really love this movie. It’s funny, McDreamy is in it, and the scenery and architecture in it is quite pretty. the plot and story line is good, not to mention i was very happy with the ending.

5. Armageddon ( 1998 )


i for a fact know a lot of people who have not watched armageddon before. After reading this,you should! =D. An asteroid is headed for earth and Harry Stamper ( Bruce Willis ) is called in to help save the earth by burrying a bom inside the asteroid. A. J. Frost (Ben Affleck) is included in the team that Harry picks to bring along on this outer space trip. However, A.J.Frost is at that moment in love with Grace Stamper (Liv Tyler). Before leaving, A.J. and some of his friends do this really nice rendition of i’m leaving on a jetplane. The plot for the movie is good, the acting is good, and the soundtrack is good. what’s not to love? =)

4. Sweet Home Alabama ( 2002 )


i like this movie cause its a slightly different spin on the usual love story out there. Melanie Smooter ( Reese Witherspoon ) is a up and coming designer in New York, but she has a past that she hides from everybody in New York. She is still married to her husband, Jake Perry 9 Josh Lucas) back in Alabama. When her New York boyfriend, Andrew Hennings ( Patrick Dempsey ) proposes to her, she returns to Alabama to convince Jack to sign the divorce papers. She is reminded back to her life in Alabama before and realises she still has feelings for Jake. I like the ending to this movie, the storyline was somewhat unexpected and the humour was good as well.

3. The Notebook ( 2004 )


The movie actually revolves around two love stories. Both love stories actually being the same people except when they are old and young. The story starts with Duke (James Garner) reading from a journal to Allie ( Gena Rowlands) about a love story revolving around Noah ( Ryan Gosling ) and a younger Allie ( Rachel McAdams). The older Allie has developed Alzheimers and only has momentary flashback to her past. Duke reads to her almost everyday to try and help her remember her past. both sides of the love story is touching and entertaining for when they are younger, as Noah and Allie fight and quarrel all the time but still their love prevails. Duke’s dedication to Allie is heartbreaking and makes all of us wish that we had it too. D=

2. A Walk to Remember ( 2002 )


love love love this movie. I like the movie more than the book i gotta admit, Shane West plays Landon Carter, a trouble maker in school while Mandy Moore is Jamie Sullivan, a preacher’s daugher. Landon gets into trouble at school and is assigned to community service in the form of acting in the annual christmas play and also helping out at an orphanage. slowly but surely, he falls in love with Jamie. but Jamie has a secret, she is dying of luekemia and only has a few more months to live. the movie is realistic and so sweet. i cried after watching the movie! =S

1. Titanic (1997 )


Who could forget the ultimate love story of all time? yeah i totally love this movie. Jack Dawson ( Leonardo DiCaprio ) is an aspiring artist who wins his ticket onboard the Titanic through a lucky hand at cards. Rose DeWitt ( Kate Winslett)  is a rich young woman trying to escape a life of being prim and proper all the time. As Rose is trying to jump off deck from Titanic, Jack spots her and saves her from jumping. they then develop a friendship and from then on fall in love. i don’t really need to give more of a synopsis, cause everybody knows the story right?

haha. so thats my top ten list. my reasons for doing this blog post? i was trying to escape studying for a few hours. haha. but no la, my main reason for doing this blog post was i wanted to share my fav love movies with people out there and i want you to tell me what your favourite love movies are. =).



P.S post a comment about your fav romance movies! =D

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