Thursday, November 11, 2010


certain drama on twitter has left me with trust issues. trust issues in the sense that you can never anticipate a person’s true colours.

i have had a friend, he was a good friend. a friend that i imagined would remain with me until i have gone to university at least. even though i always said i didn’t trust him, i trusted him to the extent that i told him a lot of personal things. yes mark that, a lot of personal things.

so he started tweeting again after a long time getting his account. at first it was ok, like i tend to read tweets from all the people i follow word by word cause tweets are supposed to be about how you express yourself. then after while, it was nearing my exam time already. and his tweets tend to have a lot of !!!!! and ???? and woot woot and insulting artists like justin bieber (im not a fan but i wouldn’t insult him as well) and used my friends pic as his dis pic for insult reasons and all. so i thought to myself, imma unfollow him for awhile cause when i have my exams i lose my temper very easily i don’t want to suddenly get mad at him. so i did what i did, i unfollowed him. yeah i know, drama started with me partly. but then at that time i didn’t know what to do so i just did it.

i did say something to a mutual friend about how he was going to lose all his friends if he continued tweeting like that, and mayb i shouldn’t have said anything since the advice was taken as an insult. i was planning to follow him again after my exams. fate wasn’t with me i guess. he found out that i unfollowed him. and so he did what i did, he unfollowed me. it didn’t stop there.

he posted this : Feel so spacious now.just unfollow one bitch.feel not so stuffed easy it could be!

and no it didn’t stop there. a lot of insults followed. i also don’t know why. not like i was reading his twitter. o.o. i only found out about the insults when somebody told me he was posting them. then he insulted my friend, which was the last straw. because i was moving on, and i didn’t really care about what had happened.

i posted : honestly? i'm not blaming you for everything. i admit that i did wrong as well. but calling me a bitch was just plain could have just confronted me, asked me what's wrong, instead of tweeting and fb-ing bout it.or was our friendship that meaningless that you like to assume the worst instead of asking me straight of my major regrets last month? i sms-ed to ask whether you were ok, while u called me a bitch on twitter.O btw, last time im posting anything bout u on twttr, fb, blog & whatever. im surrounding my life w/ ppl who treat me as a friend instead

and i didn’t get any retaliation for a while. i assumed he was getting over it too. haha no, it was as i called it, wishful thinking. took him a few days. but he came back full force.

he posted ; Finally done with all those friendship things.not so stuff anymore!!not so oily!!!!yes!!

a few days later. he posted : What you have said about me having no friends if I keep on like this maybe right.but it's because of you and your junk only it happens so bitches!!fuck you all!! See.both of two are just so miserable.not me.bitches!! Omg.stop using people's quote.this is so autism freak.and stop saying people handsome.if you like him.go tell him in front of him.but I bet you won't cause you yourself know that you don't and never will exist in his world at all  Eh bitches!!you two seriously need to change all your mirrors in your house.omg!!!

oh and 1 minute ago. he posted ; Did you not do wrong??come on.if you did not.I wouldn't have done that.fucking just don't wanna lose in front of me.

the point of this post? its to explain what is going on. and to say to you.

i never said i didn’t do wrong. i never said it. i’m sick and tired of all the insults. yes, twitter is meant for you to express your feelings, and u gotta be prepared for what other people say. so then u should be prepared for what we have to say as well. or ur being a hypocrite. express away, i don’t care anymore. you know what i was thinking of this morning, i was thinking of calling you after the exam so we can talk about it. now i’m just thinking its pointless. since you cant seem to move on. insult away. have fun. take your time. i don’t care anymore. oh and yes i think ur very gutless for not facing me face to face instead of tweeting behind our back. i rather u confront me instead of insult me behind my back. it would have changed the circumstances a lot.



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