Wednesday, September 22, 2010


how do you define your home? 


is it somewhere specific? a childhood home? or in some cases, just somewhere to sleep because u spent most of your time outside it.

so some people may now be confused, whats the difference between home and house then? according to joanna’s dictionary, (=p) i define home as a feeling, a place where u feel things as well. while i define house as a structure, it could just be somewhere to sleep.

i seriously believe in the saying home is where to heart is. =) life,happiness,home,house,illustration,love-87e1052976f41fc0fcb5612ce2adcf2d_h_thumb its where you feel emotions, make memories, enjoy your time, have meals together, cry, laugh and so on and so forth. and as the picture says, its where happy lives. =).


home, i think its everywhere? i consider home as somewhere that i feel comfortable. i could even call the library my second home since i spent so much time there nowadays. =). so it truly is where the heart is! cause face it, you walk around with your heart, if you feel warmth and comfort in a place that is not your house, then it could be your home, or second home. =)

tumblr_l6xbus50CR1qa5asao1_400_thumb i think home is also where you are accepted for who you are, flaws and all. if not at the beginning, then the feelings slowly creep in, and soon enough you’ll feel that you are totally at home, you can keep up with the conversation, you have fun, and you make lots of memories.

ok, so what i’m trying to say is, moving into a house is an easy thing, but moving into a home is very hard. it takes time, sadness, happiness, fun, patience! and lots of other sugar and spices. tumblr_l7hhxhqmz51qctxb8o1_400_thumb moving into a new home is hard, moving into a new country where a different language is spoken on a daily basis is harder. so take your time to adapt. make the most of your time and enjoy the new experiences. it may be hard, but friends are always there to comfort you and help you through it. and we get to gossip bout meeting new hot guys! =D

every young bird leaves their mother’s nest in search of food and new nests. =), if they can do it, we can too! 


this post is for you. i miss yous! =(. and im always there for you when you need me. <3



Sunday, September 19, 2010


these days its been nothing but drama around me. i’ve just been wondering about this question though. when you are feeling sad/depressed/or just plain down, what do you want to hear most that would comfort you?


i had to comfort somebody recently, and i just did not know what to say. would saying this be offensive, would it hurt the person, or would the person just scoff and become angry at what you say? i just recently realized that giving advice is such a hard thing. the consequences of giving it could be catastrophic, just because when giving advice, so much of you is revealed. how you actually think, or even some secrets might spill out. and when giving advice, it really does reveal who your true friends are and who you can trust the most. that’s what i think, i wouldn’t go to someone who i barely know with a problem and ask for advice.


even then. true feelings are still hidden if there is no full trust. i can openly admit that i trust easily, but lost trust in a person easily. trust is hard to earn back once lost in my opinion.

in this sense, giving advice is not something that i take lightly. the advice that i give i fear could be detrimental to a person. what if a friend of mine was suicidal, and i just said, ok go die la in a jokingly way. and the person actually takes it seriously and commits suicide. then the guilty party would be me.

590_large   i guess what i am trying to say is, i have friends who i trust. i have friends who i don’t trust. when a person comes to me for advice, be it they fall in either category, i still give it after much thought. and i have asked for advice before, and found that i felt more irritated or angry after receiving the advice, because i just did not agree with it. therefore the next time i give u advice, if you don’t agree, let me know. knowing your opinion is equally important in solving a problem instead of making it worse. =)



i should be studying. HAHAHA

Thursday, September 16, 2010

love me tender, love me sweet, never let me go

norah jones – love me tender (princess diaries soundtrack)

i realise, that i take too much for granted certain things in life. loved ones, friendship, even good happens, but i do not fully appreciate it the way i should.

love only comes knocking on your door every once in a while. or more like every blue moon for a girl like me. its happened, but i got too annoyed with myself and the guys to fully comprehend the feelings. and then the moments passed, the guy falls for another girl and they get together, or becoming good friends until its just impossible for this feeling to exist anymore.

friendship really does come and go in my world. i’ve had different best friends every year. until this year, when its lasted 2 years with dan as my bestie. there was definitely ups and downs, more downs than ups i think in all the best friends. but im glad to say the one who matters the most now has stuck around for me. =).

even those who are not my best friend (cause you can only have one best friend) but im super close to. you know who you are. =). i realise i don’t always appreciate you, the way i should. im truly sorry. thank you for everything you’ve done. for the advice, for the good times, and just for being there. thank yous.

for the good memories? i don’t need to elaborate do i? it may have been a particular good joke, a good meal, a good trip, a good conversation~. they’re a good memory in my mind. i wish i was like a computer, i can reformat it everytime something bad happens. then all the good memories saved on an external hard drive i put back in. 18062010140 i realise all my posts centre around this topic lately and i sound very emo. but actually im having the time of my life with or without you. i experience more than i have in a long time. =)



P/S. i shud be nerding now

P/P/S oh dear darling facebook, how i miss you so!!

Question : do you believe in true love like fairytales?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

mama’s birthday dinner

it’s 2.48am. i decided to go all out in this cleaning thing. and i dumped all my clothes on my bed to wipe my closet. now i can;t sleep cause all the cloths are there. holidays make me more blonde. TT.

anyway. mum’s birthday dinner on the 31st of august was at Leonardo’s in bangsar. DSC_0129 deco was okDSC_0134scallops salad. had a ceasar salad also.  DSC_0130

the complimentary bread and all.

DSC_0135awesome pork knuckles DSC_0142 again;DSC_0144pastaaa. tom yam flavoured DSC_0147bro’s dessert.

so basically i’d give the place a 7.5 out of 10.

food was ok, tasty. service was ok as well, not fantastic. ambience was good though. 



Wednesday, September 1, 2010



scars may not adorn my outer self but they sure cover my inner self well enough when i dun get the support i need to believe in myself and believe that i can do things.

and in the end, i will get the blame cause well, i’m supposed to be in charge aren’t i.

i’m sick and i feel shitty but i wasn’t gonna say anything. now? i just don’t know what to do anymore. i give up. can somebody else live this life for me please