Monday, June 28, 2010

they don’t know how long it takes, waiting for a love like this


Listening to Lucky – Jason Mraz feat Colbie Callait

cool This ad is totally aweshum =D

Robinson’s at Garden’s is my new favourite place to shop. the people are nice, the clothes are good quality, and the sales are aweshum. =D. DSC_1654_picnikHEHE. my mama and i sneaked a short visit there after college today. we’re both very pleased with the purchases. =D. 

I’m not exactly promoting for Robinsons. more like trying to prove a point that i can still keep to my promise to myself to not spend more than 100bucks on a piece of clothing. if i can shop at Robinson’s and not spend more than 100bucks on a piece of clothing, you can too! yes you, the person who is currently reading this blog. =D.  (btw, the promise to self does not include shoes. haha)

bye bye pretty people!




Sunday, June 27, 2010

I have aweshum friends =D

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cause darling, you are the only exception

listening to the only exception – paramore.

One of the many subjects i am taking for my SAM course this year is psychology. The current chapter we are studying is about sleep.our teacher showed us this super funny webbie about a guy who sleep talks. his wife records what he says.

Examples of what he says:

Talk once more, and I will sue you for ear abuse. Shame on you. Shame! Auraphile."

"You're such a rectal intrusion. Unwelcome and painful."

It's easy to confuse your ass and your face. They're basically a hole that spews shit."

hahahha funny anot? he says these things in his sleep

if you want to read more funny things he says. check out



Saturday, June 26, 2010

And she’s watching him with those eyes

Listening to Jessie’s Girl – Glee Cast (Cover)

Since I;m almost reaching 18 years old, i’ve started thinking about the future. By future i mean, when i go to university, when i start working and so on and so forth.


Laymond Lai. LMAO.

why the sudden interest in this subject though?

It’s because i met an old woman tonight. who still has as much enthusiasm for life as an 18year old teenager. She watches football, stays up late to watch world cup matches i might add, can remember some of the scores and who is playing against who. She could even tell me about last night;s tennis match involving Federer and who he played against. I was so shocked i swear my jaw dropped to the floor. She enjoys sports and watches it on the tv to occupy her time. doing what she enjoys the most. 

I wonder what i will be doing then? When im wrinkled all over, possibly married with children or grandchildren, and suffering from a number of deceases.

I will tell you my life’s dreams for my future if you come ask me. =D



Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Been there, done that, messed around, i’m having fun don’t put me down

Listening to La Roux – Bullet proof

the name of this blog is 'my best friend is a bimbo'. and its rightly named so. =D
let me explain. i can happily say that i have a best friend, several super omg good friends and good friends, they may not be more than the number of fingers and toes i have. but im happy. =D


Today’s the best friend;s birthday! so this post is dedicated to her. =)


Briana is a great person who is celebrating her 18th this year. she’s beautiful, charismatic and most of all, a great friend. and I’m lucky to have her in my life. i’ve dedicated so many posts to her in the past blog, and they all say about the same thing, so I don’t think i will repeat them. cause she already knows i love her.

From all the crazy trips to Amcorp while skipping rumah practices, to all the times i spend at your place with you just hanging out with you, all our recess times together where you always told me about your lame jokes and weird theories and losing my karaoke virginity with you. thanks for all the great times and all the great memories!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3



Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shanghai (1)

I currently don’t have anything that i want to do so i’m going to start blogging about my china trip to wuxi-suzhou-shaoxing-hangzhou-shanghai.

My flight to Shanghai was errrr… 1:40am. haha. worst flight time ever! but i hadn’t napped the afternoon before so once i sat down in the airplane seat i slept through the whole flight. it seems the flight attendant tried to wake me up for food but i was too fast asleep. =D

arrived at Shanghai at about 7:40am. the queue for immigration was soooooooo long. immigration took nearly an hour to get through.

Met our local guide, name is Jason. He brought us on the maglev train. =D. i won’t go into details about the train. but i can say its really really fast. pictures below show the speed it was going at.


DSC_0374 DSC_0375

this picture is to demonstrate how fast it was going., look at the background!

so i’ll stop here today. kinda lazy to continue.



tripping out, spinning around, im underground, i fell down.

listening to avril lavigne - alice

Hello pretty people!
I decided to change my blog because i wanted a new start. The old blog will still be there, i'm not deleting it. So if you want to look for embarassing old photos its still there.

On a heavier note, i'm going to be more serious about my blogging. Less short forms, better English (dotting my dots and crossing my T's) and hopefully better content.

*I sound so old and stuffy. haha*

Anyway, i will try to update as much as possible. =D.

Leave your link at my chatbox if you want me to link you. of course i will if i know you. i won't bite (i think. hehs)

owh. i love the new blogger template design thing!! <3