Friday, November 19, 2010


was web surfing just now, stumbled cross Shih Xuan’s blog. there was this entry about camera bags. and omg, this is uber gorgeous max! aaaaaa. can i have it for christmas pretty pretty please. or at least a farewell present for me. *winks*


so nice right?? too bad i can’t afford it. =(. it costs more than 200 bucks, and i would be slaughtered alive if i spent that much on a bag i think since i could find cheaper not so nice looking ones at low yatt. but i can still look right =p

btw, i like both the browns, but then it would be easier to match if i got the dark brown one. *thinking of possibility of ever getting the camera bag*

website if you wanna go drool over the pictures of the bags like i did.

btw, free next week except thurs and fri i think. and mayb tues, so im free on monday and wednesday, anybody wanna do anything? =)



P/S i don’t seem to miss you as much as i thought i would. hmms.

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