Monday, June 27, 2011

memory of an elephant

i swear if my head wasn't screwed onto my shoulders, i would forget about it too. i keep forgetting passwords for websites and even my google email password i managed to forget when i was trying to log in to post just now.

so my holidays are well under way, unfortunately i'm spending most of my time working. so basically its wake up in the morning, stuff down a quick brekkie, then head out for work to make it just in time, come back from work in time for a very very late lunch, (or tea), laze around for a bit, either reading or watching tv, then decide what to do for dinner, watch masterchef while washing dishes, go online and maybe continue reading or doing other stuff, then crash at about 2-3am. and repeat everyday. yes, my life is monotonous. lols!

and i've gotten a new baby, his name is sirius. and no it's not cause of sirius from harry potter, it's cause of other reasons. ask me and i'll tell you. =)

speaking of harry potter, i'm totally addicted to dramione fanfics. its killing me, the whole being addicted to the fanfics and sacrificing sleep over it. TT. can't help it, i'm a hopeless romantic, and some of these fanfic writes are really talented.
hmmm nothing much else to say at the moment.

cooked chicken curry with friends today, definitely gonna post up photos on that once i've uploaded the pics into my com.


P.S sorry i know a bit of a crappy post, but lost inspiration halfway through writing it, so yeah, sorry =s

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

a lonely song plays through the radio

hi peeps!

3 down, one more to go! =)

yesterday’s finance was shitty, personal opinion, since there are geniuses out there who thought it was ok. *stones face*

anyways, tomorrow’s the final paper. economics yo! my least favourite subject after stats. LOL.

anyways, after tomorrow’s exam i have so many plans of things to do! like i have a list prepared. maybe i’ll post the list up and cross them out one by one to give me incentive to actually do them, maybe la! LOL

and i’m craving burgers~. popular to contrary belief, since i came here i haven’t eaten much fast food. lols. been cooking most of the time since it’s overall cheaper which gives me more money to buy baking stuff. lols!

actually i just wanted to procrastinate a bit, hence the blog post. =p ok, back to studying.

oh yeah, starting new job on friday, wish me luck! *cross fingers*

ok, i think that’s about it.

oh yeah, i’m loving wong fu productions vids on youtube, some of them really give a different perspective on life. =)




Saturday, June 11, 2011

sunday morning rain is falling

well, technically, rain isn’t falling. but you get the gist of it.

had a mini disney movie marathon on youtube yesterday cause i just needed a break from studying. haha. there are some awesome people on youtube who recently uploaded many disney movies. ask me for their usernames if you wanna watch too! =)

Tumblr_lmmr7zsm7o1qjol2eo1_500_largeso i watched the hunchback of notre dame, the little mermaid, aladdin, treasure planet, atlantis and one or two more.

toldcha it was a marathon. XD


although what i really feel like watching now is enchanted, as corny as that may sound. XD


ok, back to the books. btw, grilled cheese sandwich and earl grey tea for brekkie this morning. =). happees now.



P.S. all the prom people look so pretty! =)

P.P.S and strange as this may sound, i’ve been listening to chinese music lately. LOL

Friday, June 10, 2011

yumcha at the scholar, dickson

so last last sunday, before exams, we decided to satisfy our dim sum cravings and head over to dickson for some good old dim sum! =)

we took the bus which leaves outside unilodge, and got there in about 20 mins to half an hour?


surprisingly, the place was actually quite full. and the atmosphere reminded me strongly of eating dim sum in restaurants back home. they even had that cart with the dim sum that they pushed around.


at first we couldn’t quite decide what to eat. i mean, we were thinking that it was possibly going to be expensive? so we held back in the beginning, getting the favourites first.


the char siew pau had a nice, sweet and savoury filling. the white pastry that held the char siew pau together was a bit too thick, but all in all it was a good way to start off the meal.


the siew mai was meaty, but lacked a certain something in it that we would get back home, couldn’t quite place my finger on what ingredient. but it was good too.


the yong tau foo was good! the brinjal was soft and tender and almost falling off the meat, which is how i like it. the sauce was sweet and sticky.


this was kinda like a fried ha gao. it was just filled with prawns. tad bit too oily for me, but fried food is supposed to be oily no?


the egg tart! was good. the pastry was flaky and the filling was soft with a tinge of sweetness

ok, so obviously we ate more that these things between the five of us, but i was too hungry so i stopped taking pictures. hehe. anyways, other than that i can remember that we ordered a bowl of porridge that wasn’t fantastic and some other food that i can’t remember. but we had a few plates of egg tart though.

and when the bill came, it was only about $17 per person. i was so surprised, i expected to pay a lot more. so definitely going back there again someday.



Monday, June 6, 2011

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

forever could never be long enough for me

woke up early this morning, but decided to skip my econs tutorial either way. XD.

i have one last lecture later today then its no more lectures/tuts until exams!

today’s work was good. =). yes, i work. working at a japanese/korean restaurant. all the employees are korean, as well as the boss, so communicating is entertaining, with me trying to figure out what my boss is asking me to do through hand gestures and a few english words inserted here and there. XD.

ain’t going for work for the next two weeks though, while i have my exams, cause the exams time clash with work time. gonna start a new job soon though, hopefully. so during the holidays i get to work more instead of stone in my room watching dramas. XD

oh yeah, work was good today cause when i was cleaning the tables outside there was a guy singing songs for money. he was really really good, and i was telling myself that when i finish work i would go drop some money in his guitar case, by the time i finish work i totally forgot until i got back home. ==.

i’m so in the holiday mood, not study mood. can’t really bring myself to focus on studying, but am trying very hard anyway. been cooking and freezing food as well, so when im having my exams i won’t have to cook and wash up so much.

hmmm, what else? i think i study better when i don’t sleep a full 8hours at night. if i sleep the full 8 hours, the whole day i would just feel like sleeping more. if i don’t sleep the full 8 hours, i don’t feel as much to sleep somehow. yes,i’m weird that way. XD.

ok, exams start next thursday. wish me luck!


miss you guys loads. <3



P.S. i know i’ve said this many times, but i so feel it when during the prom episode during glee, mercedes is talking about being asked to prom, and having a guy say you look beautiful and ask you to dance thing. yes, totally feel it.

P.P.S. owh, and i totally miss you.