Saturday, January 22, 2011

someone tell me how to make a change

one of the things i told myself about this year is that i won’t be using my blog to vent, or to talk about other people unless its good. and well, i would want to break that initial resolution at this moment but i decided that i would not.

instead, i’m gonna talk about one annoying thing that i face when i read some people’s blogs. i mean, there are many annoying things that people blog about as well as the way some people blog. of course i’m not saying i don’t commit these ‘crimes’ as well, but i take into account what exactly i would want to read in a blog and i blog that way.

but one of the major annoying things that people do when they blog? they moan and groan about life. i’m not saying that’s a bad things. but how about when a person does it every single post. and that’s not the only thing, some people decide to moan and groan in abstract and what they call more mature terms.

reading about what somebody is facing in their life helps me understand the person better. but come on? moaning and groaning in every single blog post, not to mention the abstract references.

ok, for those who don’t face this problem, i’ll give you a slight example.

i walked along the lonely road tonight, scared and frightened, not because it was 3am in the morning, or that i was all alone, but because. i have not yet realised my purpose in life. i feel like a bird who hasn’t yet left the nest because it hasn’t realised its purpose in life.

ok, that is seriously not extreme, i mean, its ok to read. imagine reading something more abstract, the use of personification astounds me in these blogs. i don’t mind a blog post like that from time to time, but come on, every single one of it?

my advice to those people out there who do it. stop doing it. if your life is so sad, you are not living life. or else your not appreciating your life and your an absolute grinch. why can’t you, as a fellow human being, find the joy that so many other people out there have found?



P.S. you made decisions without telling me, i canceled all my plans today to spend the whole day with you, and you go ahead and make other plans. i think i should change my blog title soon.

Friday, January 14, 2011

guide part 2.

so this is starting from asia cafe. if you have a choice, don’t go to asia cafe. it was shud down a few mnths ago cause not clean, and my friends have gotten sick after eating there before. but if you go, the pan mee there is good, i love the claypot chicken rice there as well. theres this malay aunty thats outside asia cafe in the morning, one will be outside the student accomodation there, and the other malay aunty goes later and is at the other corner of asia cafe, near starbucks. go eat their nasi lemak, both really really good. =)

then starbucks that row, going down, my favourite bubble tea is there! its called let’s a cup, and their bubble tea is better than takeaway. if you do go to takeaway however, their passionfruit green tea is da bomb! back to let’s a cup, it has green walls and its not really obvious, but its just right next to starbucks. =). then going further down, theres a place called bentoya. their food ain’t really that cheap, but it’s not bad. and going further down, u reach snowflake. which is awesome. haha. along that row is also a bookshop called ichiban, its the place where you can get cheaper pirated books, but they won’t necessarily have the books you want though.

ok then the row behind starbucks, as in the row along mcD’s, face to face has good pan mee, but they revamp-ed the menu, so they don’t have as many choices as they used to. don’t forget pink day at baskin robbins! further along theres a mamak called majid, the food there quite nice. cept a bit pricey, so be prepared to pay if u order chicken. further along is the best pan mee ever, called jojo’s pan mee. but then they increased the prices of pan mee, so only go there as a treat.



guide. =p

so this is a basic guide for those who are going to taylors subang on what and where to eat, i don’t pretend to be an expert, cause well, i’m not, but this is just a guide into what i used to love eating when i was studying there. =)

first, you have your basic cafeteria, based on my knowledge, it has undergone renovation, so i’m not sure whether its still the same people operating the cafeteria, but if it is, my classmates and i used to love dapao-ing their nasi lemak back to class to eat when we had to rush for assignments and all.

then you have the shops right in front of taylors. there aren’t that many shops in front of taylors, mostly bookshops and all. classmates and i only used to go there when we were too lazy to walk further or we had to rush for exams. so starting from the top, pappa rich. lets just say pappa rich is good for its drinks, okok for its food, not really a place i would recommend people to go. but if your rushing for time, why not. =). then u have subway, which is da bomb! take the brekkie deal though, its the most worth it. then u have the korean restaurant which i would say isn’t fantastic. then theres the erm… mediterranian? i think, i’m not sure whether its still there, might have changed to an indian place already. food there is pricey but okok only.

so theres 3 or more bookshops in the row of shops opposite taylors right, mac centre, and two IK copy shops. for all ur pirated book needs, mac centre is ur best bet, they have everything, but there is another place called ichiban which is just a bit further up which has cheaper books, just may not have the one that you want.

ok, i’m too lazy to finish typing this, will continue later. =)



Tuesday, January 11, 2011

polka dots


hey everybody.

it’s almost time to sleep, about 1am already, but i thought i’d jot down a few thoughts before i sleep.

i’m leaving soon, starting to think back on all the decisions made and whether this was really the best decision all round. been binging on food that i know i would not find there, and appreciating things around me more, like the constant weather that does not need clothing for different seasons.

been doing as much as possible before i leave, tie up all the loose ends and all. =)

- shopping, hehehhe

- reading my long overdue mags and books

- making to do lists and to pack lists

- double checking on everything

- renewing my passport and applying for visa and all

- watching as many pirated dvds as possible. haha

- hanging out with all my wonderful friends, =)

- trying to do things that i’ve never done before

- of course, eating as much as i can. =D

pretty much what i’ve been doing, oh yeah! forgot to mention, i sleep like a pig nowadays. lols!

i hope its the right decision.

new place, new start, new beginning of a chapter.



P.S. i really really liked it when u wore what i gave you. =) really.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

bitter gourd

one of the family lunches recently was us going to this restaurant that specializes in bitter gourd dishes. yeah, bitter gourd. o.-. i’m only a fan of bitter gourd when its fried with salted egg, or siu yok. ==.


parents ordered this drink for me. yes, it is as disgusting as it looks. lols.


my brother. lols


bitter gourd soup


bitter gourd fried with noodles


sambal petai


bitter gourd. ==

yes, i highly do not recommend u to go to this place. haha. one of the worst lunches ever. lols!



winter wonderland

i think it’s about time, but imma blog about my christmas and nye for 2010. =)

deco at home. =)



my grandma opening presents. =)


the presnts. hehe

then we went for dim sum for lunch. yes correct, dim sum. hahaha =)


that’s pretty much how i spent my christmas.

i don’t really have any pictured for nye, cause i was too lazy to use my camera, i wanted to enjoy myself. =)

basically what we did was, jie-en, andrew, wen long, louise, debbie, pui and ren came over and we played some board games and ate and watched fireworks, totally awesome nye. =)



Monday, January 3, 2011

the silver lining. =)

been feeling a bit depressed lately, a certain something brought a smile to my face though. =)

long overdue post. went to broga with the bunch after our s2 gathering on the 20th. didn’t bring my flash so pics not so nice. but it was totally fun trekking up the slippery mountain in the dark to catch the sunrise. Pui, En and i stayed a little below the first summit while the others continued on. =)


then that night followed jie-en to BBRC’s dinner. in other words, her dad’s rotary club Christmas dinner. lols.

the pictures below is the view from the place where the dinner was held.

totally had fun with Jie-en. =)


i’ll blog bout christmas once i load the pics in my com. too lazy atm. hehes. =)