Thursday, December 30, 2010

new year, new life

i’m 23 hours away from entering a new year. =).

at this time of the year, many of us who own a blog would be writing about the past year, the regrets and the good times. well, sorry to disappoint you, but i won’t talk about the past. i’m choosing to concentrate on the future. if i didn’t write about some of the good times that i experienced in 2010 in this blog, means its forever in my memory and i didn’t need to write it down to remind myself of it. =)

what i hope of for the future?

1. to meet new people, make new friends

ahhaa, yeah, this is number 1 on the list. =). i like meeting new people, listening to their stories, and maybe lending advice sometimes. or just being there for people. i like being surrounded by people i know, instead of strangers. i also learn more from people than i learn from anywhere else. going to a new uni next year, as well as a different country, is going to be a challenge. different backgrounds would make it difficult for me to meet new people as well. that’s one of the reason why i’m putting this as number 1. =)

2. to study as hard as i can

i procrastinate. i admit it, i mean who doesn’t right? *ok maybe jillian doesn’t lols* i realise that when i study hard, i become very happy with my results, even if it isn’t the best, i’m satisfied, and i don’t go all kiasu-fied on all my friends. and when i don’t study for something and the results come back, i regret, and start comparing results with other people even though we may have different capabilities. so i want to study as hard as i can, because i know i can do it. =). i give you permission to pinch me if you don’t see me studying when i should be. haha

3. to have a tidy room for the whole year

sorry la, i’m a slob. i just seem to like working in a chaotic environment. and yeah, i still manage to find everything when i need it the most. my clothes can never all fit into my closet, so mostly its thrown on my cupboard. and everything else slowly collects dust if i don’t regularly use it. therefore, i’m determined to keep the room as tidy as possible. *determined face*

4. to love myself the way i am

when people tell me i’m not a kid anymore, i tell them i’m a kid at heart. i’m still not used to being me you know. sometimes i don’t like myself, just because i see a pretty thin girl walk by and think to myself, why aren’t i as pretty and thin as that other girl, then i think back to all the friends and family that i have and think maybe that girl doesn’t have that. but yeah. i’m trying to kick the habit of comparing myself. for this coming year, i want to learn to love myself. =)



P.S i don’t see this as resolutions? i think resolutions are private. i see this as more of wishes for the future. =)

P.P.S happy new year! me loves u very much for reading my blog. =)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

shopping whims

went out with the P3 mates today. had fun with them shopping and lunching at bbq plaza. =)

yih yih gave me a gingerbread tree! hahahaha. sounds so funny =D

karen gave me a pair of cute earrings! seriously damn cute lo. lols.

bought a top from forever 21.

saw this ROXY WALLET that i absolutely loveddd. it was black, with a bit of pattern and some studs. and it was half off! so it only cost RM75. i was already reaching for my wallet to pay for it when i decided i needed some sense knocked into me, so i called jie-en and she striaghtaway told me, waste money, you can still use your wallet you don’t need a new one. so i didn’t buy it

and since then to now i’ve been obsessing bout it, cause i really really liked it. but after talking it out with sheila and yih yih, it has been decided that i shall wait for my future bf to buy a leather wallet for me instead. roflmao!

=) my friends are more sensible than me. hahaha.


oh christmas tree oh christmas tree! =D



Monday, December 27, 2010

do good or avoid danger?

i was in my mum’s car today in seat beside the driver. this lady came up to the window and started knocking. so the blonde me decided to wind down my window. i wound my window down a little bit then my mum was saying don’t wind down in case its dangerous, but turns out it was just a lazy asking directions to somewhere.

civilization has reached this state where the line between danger and help is paper thin. what if instead of a woman asking for directions, it was somebody who wanted to hold a knife to my throat and snatch the handbag in my lap.

i can’t believe that i have reached the day when i can claim that i am scared of living in this world and the realities that each of us face each day.



Sunday, December 26, 2010

s2 2009 gathering

had our 5s2 gathering on the 20th of December at the Seed Cafe in Mid Valley. the turn out was really good actually. =) about 20 people went for it? =)



the tables in the cafe was covered with mahjong paper, so while waiting for everybody to come chen huan who brought his pencil box let us use the stationary inside. =D


jie-en and i shared food, ceasar salad with calamari rings and 2 bowls of mushroom soup. i lovee going to the Seed cafe cause of its amazing mushroom soup. lemme entice you, its like this rich creamy homemade blend of mushroom soup with mushroom bits in it and tiny chunks of croutons. =D.

then we did wad s2-ians did best. =D




then we went upstairs to play some pool. =) or they played pool and i was just too lazy. hehes.



=). overall it was a good gathering. =) too lazy to edit pictures la. haha