Friday, January 14, 2011

guide. =p

so this is a basic guide for those who are going to taylors subang on what and where to eat, i don’t pretend to be an expert, cause well, i’m not, but this is just a guide into what i used to love eating when i was studying there. =)

first, you have your basic cafeteria, based on my knowledge, it has undergone renovation, so i’m not sure whether its still the same people operating the cafeteria, but if it is, my classmates and i used to love dapao-ing their nasi lemak back to class to eat when we had to rush for assignments and all.

then you have the shops right in front of taylors. there aren’t that many shops in front of taylors, mostly bookshops and all. classmates and i only used to go there when we were too lazy to walk further or we had to rush for exams. so starting from the top, pappa rich. lets just say pappa rich is good for its drinks, okok for its food, not really a place i would recommend people to go. but if your rushing for time, why not. =). then u have subway, which is da bomb! take the brekkie deal though, its the most worth it. then u have the korean restaurant which i would say isn’t fantastic. then theres the erm… mediterranian? i think, i’m not sure whether its still there, might have changed to an indian place already. food there is pricey but okok only.

so theres 3 or more bookshops in the row of shops opposite taylors right, mac centre, and two IK copy shops. for all ur pirated book needs, mac centre is ur best bet, they have everything, but there is another place called ichiban which is just a bit further up which has cheaper books, just may not have the one that you want.

ok, i’m too lazy to finish typing this, will continue later. =)



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