Tuesday, January 11, 2011

polka dots


hey everybody.

it’s almost time to sleep, about 1am already, but i thought i’d jot down a few thoughts before i sleep.

i’m leaving soon, starting to think back on all the decisions made and whether this was really the best decision all round. been binging on food that i know i would not find there, and appreciating things around me more, like the constant weather that does not need clothing for different seasons.

been doing as much as possible before i leave, tie up all the loose ends and all. =)

- shopping, hehehhe

- reading my long overdue mags and books

- making to do lists and to pack lists

- double checking on everything

- renewing my passport and applying for visa and all

- watching as many pirated dvds as possible. haha

- hanging out with all my wonderful friends, =)

- trying to do things that i’ve never done before

- of course, eating as much as i can. =D

pretty much what i’ve been doing, oh yeah! forgot to mention, i sleep like a pig nowadays. lols!

i hope its the right decision.

new place, new start, new beginning of a chapter.



P.S. i really really liked it when u wore what i gave you. =) really.

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