Friday, January 14, 2011

guide part 2.

so this is starting from asia cafe. if you have a choice, don’t go to asia cafe. it was shud down a few mnths ago cause not clean, and my friends have gotten sick after eating there before. but if you go, the pan mee there is good, i love the claypot chicken rice there as well. theres this malay aunty thats outside asia cafe in the morning, one will be outside the student accomodation there, and the other malay aunty goes later and is at the other corner of asia cafe, near starbucks. go eat their nasi lemak, both really really good. =)

then starbucks that row, going down, my favourite bubble tea is there! its called let’s a cup, and their bubble tea is better than takeaway. if you do go to takeaway however, their passionfruit green tea is da bomb! back to let’s a cup, it has green walls and its not really obvious, but its just right next to starbucks. =). then going further down, theres a place called bentoya. their food ain’t really that cheap, but it’s not bad. and going further down, u reach snowflake. which is awesome. haha. along that row is also a bookshop called ichiban, its the place where you can get cheaper pirated books, but they won’t necessarily have the books you want though.

ok then the row behind starbucks, as in the row along mcD’s, face to face has good pan mee, but they revamp-ed the menu, so they don’t have as many choices as they used to. don’t forget pink day at baskin robbins! further along theres a mamak called majid, the food there quite nice. cept a bit pricey, so be prepared to pay if u order chicken. further along is the best pan mee ever, called jojo’s pan mee. but then they increased the prices of pan mee, so only go there as a treat.



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  1. This post gives me nostalgia (you forgot Madam Joyce :'( haha!)