Saturday, January 22, 2011

someone tell me how to make a change

one of the things i told myself about this year is that i won’t be using my blog to vent, or to talk about other people unless its good. and well, i would want to break that initial resolution at this moment but i decided that i would not.

instead, i’m gonna talk about one annoying thing that i face when i read some people’s blogs. i mean, there are many annoying things that people blog about as well as the way some people blog. of course i’m not saying i don’t commit these ‘crimes’ as well, but i take into account what exactly i would want to read in a blog and i blog that way.

but one of the major annoying things that people do when they blog? they moan and groan about life. i’m not saying that’s a bad things. but how about when a person does it every single post. and that’s not the only thing, some people decide to moan and groan in abstract and what they call more mature terms.

reading about what somebody is facing in their life helps me understand the person better. but come on? moaning and groaning in every single blog post, not to mention the abstract references.

ok, for those who don’t face this problem, i’ll give you a slight example.

i walked along the lonely road tonight, scared and frightened, not because it was 3am in the morning, or that i was all alone, but because. i have not yet realised my purpose in life. i feel like a bird who hasn’t yet left the nest because it hasn’t realised its purpose in life.

ok, that is seriously not extreme, i mean, its ok to read. imagine reading something more abstract, the use of personification astounds me in these blogs. i don’t mind a blog post like that from time to time, but come on, every single one of it?

my advice to those people out there who do it. stop doing it. if your life is so sad, you are not living life. or else your not appreciating your life and your an absolute grinch. why can’t you, as a fellow human being, find the joy that so many other people out there have found?



P.S. you made decisions without telling me, i canceled all my plans today to spend the whole day with you, and you go ahead and make other plans. i think i should change my blog title soon.

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