Monday, January 3, 2011

the silver lining. =)

been feeling a bit depressed lately, a certain something brought a smile to my face though. =)

long overdue post. went to broga with the bunch after our s2 gathering on the 20th. didn’t bring my flash so pics not so nice. but it was totally fun trekking up the slippery mountain in the dark to catch the sunrise. Pui, En and i stayed a little below the first summit while the others continued on. =)


then that night followed jie-en to BBRC’s dinner. in other words, her dad’s rotary club Christmas dinner. lols.

the pictures below is the view from the place where the dinner was held.

totally had fun with Jie-en. =)


i’ll blog bout christmas once i load the pics in my com. too lazy atm. hehes. =)



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