Saturday, June 26, 2010

And she’s watching him with those eyes

Listening to Jessie’s Girl – Glee Cast (Cover)

Since I;m almost reaching 18 years old, i’ve started thinking about the future. By future i mean, when i go to university, when i start working and so on and so forth.


Laymond Lai. LMAO.

why the sudden interest in this subject though?

It’s because i met an old woman tonight. who still has as much enthusiasm for life as an 18year old teenager. She watches football, stays up late to watch world cup matches i might add, can remember some of the scores and who is playing against who. She could even tell me about last night;s tennis match involving Federer and who he played against. I was so shocked i swear my jaw dropped to the floor. She enjoys sports and watches it on the tv to occupy her time. doing what she enjoys the most. 

I wonder what i will be doing then? When im wrinkled all over, possibly married with children or grandchildren, and suffering from a number of deceases.

I will tell you my life’s dreams for my future if you come ask me. =D



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