Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Shanghai (1)

I currently don’t have anything that i want to do so i’m going to start blogging about my china trip to wuxi-suzhou-shaoxing-hangzhou-shanghai.

My flight to Shanghai was errrr… 1:40am. haha. worst flight time ever! but i hadn’t napped the afternoon before so once i sat down in the airplane seat i slept through the whole flight. it seems the flight attendant tried to wake me up for food but i was too fast asleep. =D

arrived at Shanghai at about 7:40am. the queue for immigration was soooooooo long. immigration took nearly an hour to get through.

Met our local guide, name is Jason. He brought us on the maglev train. =D. i won’t go into details about the train. but i can say its really really fast. pictures below show the speed it was going at.


DSC_0374 DSC_0375

this picture is to demonstrate how fast it was going., look at the background!

so i’ll stop here today. kinda lazy to continue.



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