Tuesday, June 15, 2010

tripping out, spinning around, im underground, i fell down.

listening to avril lavigne - alice

Hello pretty people!
I decided to change my blog because i wanted a new start. The old blog will still be there, i'm not deleting it. So if you want to look for embarassing old photos its still there.

On a heavier note, i'm going to be more serious about my blogging. Less short forms, better English (dotting my dots and crossing my T's) and hopefully better content.

*I sound so old and stuffy. haha*

Anyway, i will try to update as much as possible. =D.

Leave your link at my chatbox if you want me to link you. of course i will if i know you. i won't bite (i think. hehs)

owh. i love the new blogger template design thing!! <3


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