Wednesday, June 1, 2011

forever could never be long enough for me

woke up early this morning, but decided to skip my econs tutorial either way. XD.

i have one last lecture later today then its no more lectures/tuts until exams!

today’s work was good. =). yes, i work. working at a japanese/korean restaurant. all the employees are korean, as well as the boss, so communicating is entertaining, with me trying to figure out what my boss is asking me to do through hand gestures and a few english words inserted here and there. XD.

ain’t going for work for the next two weeks though, while i have my exams, cause the exams time clash with work time. gonna start a new job soon though, hopefully. so during the holidays i get to work more instead of stone in my room watching dramas. XD

oh yeah, work was good today cause when i was cleaning the tables outside there was a guy singing songs for money. he was really really good, and i was telling myself that when i finish work i would go drop some money in his guitar case, by the time i finish work i totally forgot until i got back home. ==.

i’m so in the holiday mood, not study mood. can’t really bring myself to focus on studying, but am trying very hard anyway. been cooking and freezing food as well, so when im having my exams i won’t have to cook and wash up so much.

hmmm, what else? i think i study better when i don’t sleep a full 8hours at night. if i sleep the full 8 hours, the whole day i would just feel like sleeping more. if i don’t sleep the full 8 hours, i don’t feel as much to sleep somehow. yes,i’m weird that way. XD.

ok, exams start next thursday. wish me luck!


miss you guys loads. <3



P.S. i know i’ve said this many times, but i so feel it when during the prom episode during glee, mercedes is talking about being asked to prom, and having a guy say you look beautiful and ask you to dance thing. yes, totally feel it.

P.P.S. owh, and i totally miss you.

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