Monday, June 27, 2011

memory of an elephant

i swear if my head wasn't screwed onto my shoulders, i would forget about it too. i keep forgetting passwords for websites and even my google email password i managed to forget when i was trying to log in to post just now.

so my holidays are well under way, unfortunately i'm spending most of my time working. so basically its wake up in the morning, stuff down a quick brekkie, then head out for work to make it just in time, come back from work in time for a very very late lunch, (or tea), laze around for a bit, either reading or watching tv, then decide what to do for dinner, watch masterchef while washing dishes, go online and maybe continue reading or doing other stuff, then crash at about 2-3am. and repeat everyday. yes, my life is monotonous. lols!

and i've gotten a new baby, his name is sirius. and no it's not cause of sirius from harry potter, it's cause of other reasons. ask me and i'll tell you. =)

speaking of harry potter, i'm totally addicted to dramione fanfics. its killing me, the whole being addicted to the fanfics and sacrificing sleep over it. TT. can't help it, i'm a hopeless romantic, and some of these fanfic writes are really talented.
hmmm nothing much else to say at the moment.

cooked chicken curry with friends today, definitely gonna post up photos on that once i've uploaded the pics into my com.


P.S sorry i know a bit of a crappy post, but lost inspiration halfway through writing it, so yeah, sorry =s

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