Tuesday, June 14, 2011

a lonely song plays through the radio

hi peeps!

3 down, one more to go! =)

yesterday’s finance was shitty, personal opinion, since there are geniuses out there who thought it was ok. *stones face*

anyways, tomorrow’s the final paper. economics yo! my least favourite subject after stats. LOL.

anyways, after tomorrow’s exam i have so many plans of things to do! like i have a list prepared. maybe i’ll post the list up and cross them out one by one to give me incentive to actually do them, maybe la! LOL

and i’m craving burgers~. popular to contrary belief, since i came here i haven’t eaten much fast food. lols. been cooking most of the time since it’s overall cheaper which gives me more money to buy baking stuff. lols!

actually i just wanted to procrastinate a bit, hence the blog post. =p ok, back to studying.

oh yeah, starting new job on friday, wish me luck! *cross fingers*

ok, i think that’s about it.

oh yeah, i’m loving wong fu productions vids on youtube, some of them really give a different perspective on life. =)




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