Friday, May 27, 2011


major scare this morning when i couldn’t switch on my lappie. i would press the on button, and it would go off automatically after a few secons. so i unplugged everything and prayed very hard and when i pressed it it stayed on. =D

i think im just really bad at electronic stuff.

you know those microwaveble oats? well, i got a packet of those a few months ago, and since i’m such a lazy pig, i normally can’t wake up in time to eat it. these few days i’ve been waking up for breakfast in an attempt to eat more regular meals, and so i popped a bowl of the oats in the microwave for a minute while i was in the bathroom, when i came back, my oats had exploded. ==

so this morning when i did my oats, i did it at 20 second intervals so it wouldn’t rise too much. LOL

and when i was boiling potatoes just now, i put it in my kuali cause it was already on my table and i was too lazy to get my pot, so i put the potatoes and water in, set the flame high, and sat next to it while reading. i forgot theres a thing called condensation. == while it was boiling, condensation was gathering on the cover, and after about 10 minutes of boiling, the flame suddenly turned red and there was spitting noises. yes, water was dripping down. ==

i’m either a klutz or just epicly failing at becoming a housewife in the future. ==



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