Wednesday, May 25, 2011

you were only waiting for this moment to arrive

just a quick update before i write out my stats assignment,

*hops around room in joy*

all my quizzes are finally over! ok, technically no, i still have one stat quiz this week and next week. but essentially, i don’t count those. lols!

no more having to worry about waking up for econs quiz, which i totally missed once due to my piggyness. ==

hmmm, on another note, next week is the end of the sem. then finals until 16th and im free!! =D.

strategy to try and make myself study? using StayFocusd on facebook and youtube. it’s only been a day and i’m having withdrawal syndromes already. == and i’ve stopped buying so much eggs, to restrain myself from baking. XD

so if you need to contact me, no point going through facebook, cause i only get 5 mins there a day. lols. skype me at (joanna-yap-y-l) or tweet me, or msn me, email me, or sms me. ooo yeah, u can whatsapp me too. ROFLMAO

hrmmmm what else. oooo i;m determined to save money and get myself a lappie end of the year when i go back. =D so this winter break is work work work for the money to buy a lappie. hehes.

hmmm, im starting to really love it here. from the awesome people who make sure i’m ok, to the atmosphere and tranquility of the place. =)



P.S. post on yumcha at the scholar, dickson coming up soon. =)


just a little preview. =)

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