Tuesday, December 7, 2010

to you. =)

happe belated birthday to long! (i have this sudden urge to call u long long la. roflmao)


the dude who used to spent ages on msn helping me study a month before spm. (btw, i used to watch tv while waiting for u to type. =p )


the dude who used to hang out and wait with me in the library after college until like 5 or 6pm till my mum comes and ur dad comes.


the dude who helps me restraint from facebook and twitter and changes the password during exam time so i won’t distract myself, as well as encourages me to study more.


the dude who gives me annoyingly objective but logical advice when i ask for it when i have problems to deal with.


the dude who lets me bully him so much all the time whenever i ask for it. unless it involves heights and whatever phobias u have. o.-

thank you so much for being such a big part of my life! your a great friend! happee birthday. =)



btw. my card was uber cute! admit it admit it. =)

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