Thursday, December 9, 2010

melacca part 2

=) more pics! lol

DSC_0027after cendol walked around melacca a bit and bought some stuff. then headed back to the hotel to check in and rest before dinner. =)


shared this room with karen and meiyih. =). totally had fun.

since everybody was cleaning up before heading out for dinner, decided to have this impromptu photo session. roflmao.


btw, our room had awesome lighting. check this out!. lolDSC_0115

dinner consisted of normal dishes. was too hungry so didn’t take many photos. haha. but dessert was durian cendol! yes super awesomes. btw, check out the amount of cameras brought for the trip. hahaha. =)


ok, lazy to blog liao. stay tuned for part 3! =)



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