Saturday, December 4, 2010

melacca part 1

went on an awesome 2D 1N trip with the P3 classmates to melacca on wednesday and thursday. totally had fun with all the classmates.=). we all hadn’t seen each other since the end of our exams so i sorta missed all of them. =)

154305_457702982314_730962314_6080362_6271893_nit started off with a 2hr bus ride to melacca on the transnasional bus. one person got lost looking for the bus station, so she had to take a later bus. while waiting for her, the peeps gorged themselves with mcD’s. =p


we arrived at the hotel which is courtyard@heeren but check in time was only at 2pm, and our rooms weren’t ready yet. so we dumped our bags in one of the ready rooms and headed down the streets of jonker in search of some chicken ball rice. 155670_457375127314_730962314_6077171_2495002_n

where we stayed. 3 people to a room. slightly pricey but it was a clean and new place, so thumbs up. =)








we headed over to the red building (stadhuys?) to do some touristy stuff. lol. melacca2

then being in melacca. it was cendol time! note, we just had lunch 15mins before cendol. lmao.


stay tuned. more to come in the next post! =)



P.S. some pics stolen from meiyih, jinli and karen. =D.

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