Thursday, December 30, 2010

new year, new life

i’m 23 hours away from entering a new year. =).

at this time of the year, many of us who own a blog would be writing about the past year, the regrets and the good times. well, sorry to disappoint you, but i won’t talk about the past. i’m choosing to concentrate on the future. if i didn’t write about some of the good times that i experienced in 2010 in this blog, means its forever in my memory and i didn’t need to write it down to remind myself of it. =)

what i hope of for the future?

1. to meet new people, make new friends

ahhaa, yeah, this is number 1 on the list. =). i like meeting new people, listening to their stories, and maybe lending advice sometimes. or just being there for people. i like being surrounded by people i know, instead of strangers. i also learn more from people than i learn from anywhere else. going to a new uni next year, as well as a different country, is going to be a challenge. different backgrounds would make it difficult for me to meet new people as well. that’s one of the reason why i’m putting this as number 1. =)

2. to study as hard as i can

i procrastinate. i admit it, i mean who doesn’t right? *ok maybe jillian doesn’t lols* i realise that when i study hard, i become very happy with my results, even if it isn’t the best, i’m satisfied, and i don’t go all kiasu-fied on all my friends. and when i don’t study for something and the results come back, i regret, and start comparing results with other people even though we may have different capabilities. so i want to study as hard as i can, because i know i can do it. =). i give you permission to pinch me if you don’t see me studying when i should be. haha

3. to have a tidy room for the whole year

sorry la, i’m a slob. i just seem to like working in a chaotic environment. and yeah, i still manage to find everything when i need it the most. my clothes can never all fit into my closet, so mostly its thrown on my cupboard. and everything else slowly collects dust if i don’t regularly use it. therefore, i’m determined to keep the room as tidy as possible. *determined face*

4. to love myself the way i am

when people tell me i’m not a kid anymore, i tell them i’m a kid at heart. i’m still not used to being me you know. sometimes i don’t like myself, just because i see a pretty thin girl walk by and think to myself, why aren’t i as pretty and thin as that other girl, then i think back to all the friends and family that i have and think maybe that girl doesn’t have that. but yeah. i’m trying to kick the habit of comparing myself. for this coming year, i want to learn to love myself. =)



P.S i don’t see this as resolutions? i think resolutions are private. i see this as more of wishes for the future. =)

P.P.S happy new year! me loves u very much for reading my blog. =)

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