Wednesday, December 29, 2010

shopping whims

went out with the P3 mates today. had fun with them shopping and lunching at bbq plaza. =)

yih yih gave me a gingerbread tree! hahahaha. sounds so funny =D

karen gave me a pair of cute earrings! seriously damn cute lo. lols.

bought a top from forever 21.

saw this ROXY WALLET that i absolutely loveddd. it was black, with a bit of pattern and some studs. and it was half off! so it only cost RM75. i was already reaching for my wallet to pay for it when i decided i needed some sense knocked into me, so i called jie-en and she striaghtaway told me, waste money, you can still use your wallet you don’t need a new one. so i didn’t buy it

and since then to now i’ve been obsessing bout it, cause i really really liked it. but after talking it out with sheila and yih yih, it has been decided that i shall wait for my future bf to buy a leather wallet for me instead. roflmao!

=) my friends are more sensible than me. hahaha.


oh christmas tree oh christmas tree! =D



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