Sunday, December 12, 2010

1st day =)

technically, the 12days of christmas are the days of christmas starting from the 25th and not actually from the 13th leading up to christmas. but for this christmas i decided to make a wish list. =). cause if i don’t get the things that i want/need, at least i have a list of things to buy referring to my blog. haha. =)

so everyday until the 25th i’ll blog about something that i want for christmas. and i’, encouraging anybody who is bored to do it as well. =)

first thing that i want for christmas


i love good music like any other human being on earth. my taste in music is somewhat, broad. lol. mostly i like pop rock or modern music.


admittedly i love taylor swift. =). so getting her album wouldn’t hurt. =)

421920476_b3c307b2cf_o (1)

or i like music from not so famous celebrities but celebrities with amazing voices. =)

i love other artists like john mayer, norah jones, maroon 5, and also glee cast as well. =)

so yeah, my first wish for christmas? some good albums/music to listen to. =)



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