Sunday, December 26, 2010

s2 2009 gathering

had our 5s2 gathering on the 20th of December at the Seed Cafe in Mid Valley. the turn out was really good actually. =) about 20 people went for it? =)



the tables in the cafe was covered with mahjong paper, so while waiting for everybody to come chen huan who brought his pencil box let us use the stationary inside. =D


jie-en and i shared food, ceasar salad with calamari rings and 2 bowls of mushroom soup. i lovee going to the Seed cafe cause of its amazing mushroom soup. lemme entice you, its like this rich creamy homemade blend of mushroom soup with mushroom bits in it and tiny chunks of croutons. =D.

then we did wad s2-ians did best. =D




then we went upstairs to play some pool. =) or they played pool and i was just too lazy. hehes.



=). overall it was a good gathering. =) too lazy to edit pictures la. haha



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