Thursday, October 13, 2011

Before you quit, TRY

hey peeps,
yes, totally guilty as charged. I know i haven't written in awhile, been really really busy with assignments and celebrating birthdays (i no kid, at least one every week), as well as juggling trying to convince myself to study and work. 

Union Court

the couple of times i brought my camera out, got some shots that i'm quite happy with =)

awesomely yummy from a friend =)

although spring is here, the weather is still pretty cold on rainy days, although today it was blindingly sunny and just perfect =)

Burgers for lunch~

everybody's been really nice lately, gotten closer to a couple of friends, and also been trying to wake up for all my 9am classes XD

mooncake festival!

the flowers at floriade were gorgeous, so got some shots that i'm pleased with, although the day we went it was so hot i was sweating a lot o.o but when i went for the nightfest it was cold instead. lols

spring is here!

yes, i know theres a cat sitting half on my shoulder. well, the story is one of my friends, couldn't make it, and instead of writing her name on a sign and carrying the sign around, we included her in this pic! =)

Floriade 2011 with Ponta!

came back from a not so happy day at work, to discover mail from a certain someone, really just made my day! =)

pressies from the bimbo =p
okays, i don't quite know what to write at the moment, and yes! new blog layout. i'll be posting some recipes soon though i think, once i pass up my assignments next week and so on so forth, so maybe just expect a post at the end of the month? =)


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