Thursday, August 11, 2011

my head's stuck in the cloud

okays. first off, sorry i've been away so long. =( mostly cause i cant figure out what to write. and the post i promised bout the apple pie recipe? gonna be a long time coming, cause haven't bought apples these two weeks. ill do it next week maybs kays =)

what have i been doing? mostly going through the motions during the week as well as planning my meals. nah, im not that health conscious, when i say planning my meals is mostly trying to figure out what to cook for lunch and dinners. haha. brekkie doesn't count, cause most of the time i wake up too late to eat brekkie so i substitute with brunch instead. =)

studies are going ok. =) slowly learning new things and letting my rusty brain relearn maths i might have forgotten. slowly doing my notes as well.

so the most exciting things that happen in my life normally happen when im working lately. all kinds of people order food all the time. so the most often characters that visit are the teenagers after school, working people in need of quick lunches, the chronic drunk or high people and other people. the chronic drunk/high people scare me the most, cause if your not fast, or if you get the order wrong, they might start shouting at you or stuff, and it gets kinda scary. o.o but other than that, work's good. got lotsa awesome work mates who make it fun, and we're always helping each other out so its all good. =) my managers are pretty cool too. =)

hmmm, so the most exciting thing that happened this past week? i went skiing! yes. Joanna went skiing. ok, maybe this isn't news, like if you have facebook and your my friend you would have seen pics. and no, theres no snow in canberra. we had to wake up at 5 am and sit the bus about 2 and a half hours to mount perisher. hahaha. and we sorta had the irish luck on our side cause it was snowin when we were there! like an actually heavy snow storm kinda thing. it was freezing, but fun at the same time. and we had awesome company. =) oh don't get me wrong, i still can't ski after that day. hahaha =)

group pic on the top of the mountain, it was snow storming then. so the story was, u noe you get those chair lift thingies that bring u to the top of the mountain and u ski down? well, you should only do that if you know how to ski. == basically due to peer pressure, most of us who couldn't ski, decided to go to the top of the mountain, to take a picture, and basically fall the whole way down. yes, fall the whole way down. hahahah! but we started walking, and halfway down, a good samaritan ski-ed me and my friend down. hahaha. but the rest of my friends had to walk down, kinda pity them, good calory burner though. =)

and i came back with war scars! ok, that was too dramatic. so the ski boots that i wore were tight around the calves, and i thought i was normal. until i took them off, and felt pain on both my calves. lo and behold, blisters. =( 

so thats my left leg, and i took the picture today which is er 4 days after the ski trip. =s. i have blisters on both my calves. lols. and scratches on my hands as well. does it hurt? yea, sorta, when i take a hot shower, it stings a bit. and since i'm used to sleeping on my side with my legs pressed together, im having a bit of trouble sleeping like that at the moment. o.-. but other than that, alls good =)

i still recommend going skiing though. just go with someone who knows how to ski, or go for lessons. =) 

ok, i think thats bout it, gotta go figure out some commercial law notes now. baibais




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