Saturday, July 30, 2011

i wish nothing but the best for you

yups, i knows, i haven't updated in ages, but honestly, i just have no idea what to write about. 
Most of the people who want to know what's going on in my life would talk to me almost everyday directly about it. and when i want to rant or tell someone bout stuff, i rely on my aussie friends nowadays.
anyways, it's strawberry season now! the strawberries are huge. see above pic! and they're cheap-ish. lols! so thats gonna be my fruit for the month, that and pears of course. 
second semester started already. full nerd mode on to get the results that i want. doesn't mean i'm still not having fun though. =) i'm still doing what i love to do in my spare time, but instead of procrastinating as much, i put in a bit of studying and feel better about myself at the same time.
quit my korean restaurant job, just didn't have the time to work there anymore, means no more free sushi though. =(. currently working at a fast food place. and the people are friendly, so its all good. =)
today's sunday, so woke up for church today. yups, haven't gone in ages and i feel guilty, but feel better after going for church though. =)
okays, imma go do other stuff now. hehes. and yes, enjoy my strawberries at the same time! XD
P.S. post about apple pie recipe and step by step soon! =)

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