Tuesday, May 10, 2011


hellos pretty people!

just a quick update to let you know i’m still alive. and yes, i changed my blog layout. like? =) jie-en gave me the link. hehes =D. so haunt her if u want awesome blog templates too! ok i was kidding, don’t haunt her. wish her good luck instead for her a-levels exams! =)

speaking of which, good luck to all sitting for their a-levels exams as well as others sitting for other exams! =)

ok, so what have i been up to?

first up, the ever-so-annoying business assignment is finally over! *does glory dance around room* actually it was ok, i just blame procrastination. lols.

errmmm what else, due to lack of sleep, i slept through my tutorial yesterday. roflmao.

errr, did cleaning last night and today i vacuumed! so happees. the carpet is like, clean now. lols!

been job hunting. cross your fingers for me kays! =)

oh yeah, been you-tubing loads. like loads! cause it loads really fast. lols.

trying to save money this month! so i can spend more next month and the month after during holidays =)

and yes, referring to my last statement, i’m having winter holidays in mid june to end july. lols.

oh yea, it is so so so so cold here nao! like so so so cold! i hope the many so’s have convinced you that it is very cold. roflmao. and it’s only autumn, i’m gonna be a human popsicle in winter. haha

errr don’t know what else to write now. i’ll write again soon, when i bake. =)

for now, it’s dinner time! then finance discussion time. lols~

Picture 13Picture 14

this is in case you have forgotten what i look like! hahahahha =D and thats my dinner. =)



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