Thursday, October 14, 2010

homemade pizza

mama and i went to cold storage one day, we saw this buy one free one naan bread cause it was gonna expire in two days time. so i thought we could do cheat pizza the next day since we haven had pizza in a long time. =)

so cheat pizza consistes of

naan bread (can use pita or pre-prepared pizza dough)

onions (about one)

tomato paste ( half a small tin can liao)

pepperoni (can substitute with other meat products)

mushrooms (any kind, be adventurous )

mozarella cheese

parmesan cheese

mixed herbs and oregano. can put in some pepper also

1. spread tomato paste on naan bread, thick enough so you can’t see the bread beneath it. put 2 pinches of mixed herbs, oregano and pepper each

2. lay the ingredients according to your imagination, excluding the cheese.

3. once finish laying, spread loads and loads of cheese. this helps to keep the pizza together

4. bake in oven at 150 degrees for 20mins – half an hr

5. enjoy!

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the cheese a bit fail cause i forgot to defrost the cheese in the freezer. so when i put it on the pizza it was still a bit frozen. thats why it didn melt. lol!. dun make my mistake =p

be creative. make a pineapple chicken pizza! or olive tomato one. its an enjoyable process, so take your time doing it. but plan ahead, otherwise your gonna be starving if you just do it 30mins before your supposed dinner time. =)



P.S i miss you

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