Thursday, September 16, 2010

love me tender, love me sweet, never let me go

norah jones – love me tender (princess diaries soundtrack)

i realise, that i take too much for granted certain things in life. loved ones, friendship, even good happens, but i do not fully appreciate it the way i should.

love only comes knocking on your door every once in a while. or more like every blue moon for a girl like me. its happened, but i got too annoyed with myself and the guys to fully comprehend the feelings. and then the moments passed, the guy falls for another girl and they get together, or becoming good friends until its just impossible for this feeling to exist anymore.

friendship really does come and go in my world. i’ve had different best friends every year. until this year, when its lasted 2 years with dan as my bestie. there was definitely ups and downs, more downs than ups i think in all the best friends. but im glad to say the one who matters the most now has stuck around for me. =).

even those who are not my best friend (cause you can only have one best friend) but im super close to. you know who you are. =). i realise i don’t always appreciate you, the way i should. im truly sorry. thank you for everything you’ve done. for the advice, for the good times, and just for being there. thank yous.

for the good memories? i don’t need to elaborate do i? it may have been a particular good joke, a good meal, a good trip, a good conversation~. they’re a good memory in my mind. i wish i was like a computer, i can reformat it everytime something bad happens. then all the good memories saved on an external hard drive i put back in. 18062010140 i realise all my posts centre around this topic lately and i sound very emo. but actually im having the time of my life with or without you. i experience more than i have in a long time. =)



P/S. i shud be nerding now

P/P/S oh dear darling facebook, how i miss you so!!

Question : do you believe in true love like fairytales?

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