Sunday, September 19, 2010


these days its been nothing but drama around me. i’ve just been wondering about this question though. when you are feeling sad/depressed/or just plain down, what do you want to hear most that would comfort you?


i had to comfort somebody recently, and i just did not know what to say. would saying this be offensive, would it hurt the person, or would the person just scoff and become angry at what you say? i just recently realized that giving advice is such a hard thing. the consequences of giving it could be catastrophic, just because when giving advice, so much of you is revealed. how you actually think, or even some secrets might spill out. and when giving advice, it really does reveal who your true friends are and who you can trust the most. that’s what i think, i wouldn’t go to someone who i barely know with a problem and ask for advice.


even then. true feelings are still hidden if there is no full trust. i can openly admit that i trust easily, but lost trust in a person easily. trust is hard to earn back once lost in my opinion.

in this sense, giving advice is not something that i take lightly. the advice that i give i fear could be detrimental to a person. what if a friend of mine was suicidal, and i just said, ok go die la in a jokingly way. and the person actually takes it seriously and commits suicide. then the guilty party would be me.

590_large   i guess what i am trying to say is, i have friends who i trust. i have friends who i don’t trust. when a person comes to me for advice, be it they fall in either category, i still give it after much thought. and i have asked for advice before, and found that i felt more irritated or angry after receiving the advice, because i just did not agree with it. therefore the next time i give u advice, if you don’t agree, let me know. knowing your opinion is equally important in solving a problem instead of making it worse. =)



i should be studying. HAHAHA

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