Monday, August 23, 2010

One night, I was crying uncontrollably at home when my boyfriend showed up unexpectedly at my door.
He had nothing in his hands but extended both his arms and told me to pick.
When I asked him why he said "So I know which sleeve to let you blow your nose in silly!"
His positivity and gentle LGMH

The other day, I felt so disgusting about myself and didn't like my appearance.
My twin brother found me crying in my room, and when I told him what was wrong, he looked at me in astonishment.
"But, you're beautiful!"
His brotherly love GMH.

I always worry about loving her more.
Last weekend, she asked how much I love her. I plucked up the reason to show her the 'list of 300 reasons' I carry everywhere.
She laughed, then took my hand and led me upstairs.
Handing me a crumpled piece of paper, she said, 'I have 316, I win.'

My best friend and I were hanging out and I wasn't 100% happy so he gave me a "pickup hug."
When he let me down he didn't let go, looked into my eyes and said "yea, I'm definitely in love with you".
He didn't know I've loved him for a long time now. Our new LGMH.

My girlfriend goes on this website every night before bed.
She tells me about these love stories and how extraordinary and special they are. Today, I want to propose to her and hopefully she will see it on this website tonight.
Franchesca Aurora Tequila Antonianas, WILL YOU MARRY ME?

can love be any sweeter? im between deciding to cry or smile when i read these. =). go read the top ones. i swear u’ll believe in true love. cause i do. =)



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