Saturday, August 28, 2010


Listening to Asher Book – Ordinary People

this year has been a year of ups and downs. starting with the whole staying back in school until 5pm everyday. then the going out with the s2-ians quite a lot and meeting in the hallways. and planning all sorts of things to do during the rest of the year. and then there was the totally awesome times i spent at dan’s after skool or on saturdays just hanging out at her place. 23082010203 then came the period of really studying and getting myself busy with leo install and everything. and i didn’t go out that much with everybody. but still managed to go on the occasional surprise trip to sunway for movies and hanging out with the P3-ians. 34740_402241822314_730962314_4957343_165894_n ok. so whats the point of this post? straight up, i love my friends. i would willingly help anyone of them who is in trouble. and a lot of them know this fact so they use it to the full extent. 35303_408638418991_638598991_4524272_6850324_n i don’t mind it sometimes. cause i know i can go to them for help. and they really do understand me, and appreciate me for my imperfections. that im sensitive to certain things, and i have strong opinions on other things. and the fact that i believe strongly in chivalry. 34373_403272307314_730962314_4980854_6175001_n needless to say. im just disappointed in some of my friends, and that disappointment is beginning to eat into my cheerfulness and make me into somebody who isn’t enjoying life much and cries at the littlest things. p3!! anyway, this post is just to say im tired of it. im tired of always being there for you guys, but your not always there for me. when u call, i drop everything and go to your help if its urgent. you probably don’t even read my blog. so yeah.

but i am happy and glad for the people in my life who make it special. =)



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