Thursday, July 15, 2010



today, i wanna tell you how to make pancakes. =). i actually made them a while back for mothers day. but been lazy to upload the photos from my phone so yeah.


the batter consistes of flour, eggs and bananas. loads of bananas. a pinch of salt and baking soda as well. put as many bananas as you want, but mostly its equal parts of flour and eggs. if you want ur batter to be more wattery, add some milk or a bit of water. 09052010019just dollop a spoonful into the pan and cook!. wait until its golden on both sides then its done. poke it a bit with your spatula first to make sure its cooked though. (i still cant cook perfect round ones. hmm)

09052010018a little bit burnt. this was breakfast! and to top it off, i squeezed some fresh orange juice as well. 


09052010021 so next time mother’s day or father’s day comes around, there are other ideas you can do instead of the usual card and flowers. =). put in a bit of heart.



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