Sunday, July 25, 2010

driving lessons.

listening to Travis Mccoy feat Bruno Mars - Billionnaire

02072010148 K’s aweshum split in half student ID. its super farnie when hes tryin to scan in to the library! =D

Nothing much to blog about actually, just wanted to tell you people that i’m alive and kicking. haha

owh, i am currently undergoing my driving lessons, today i got the question whether i want to pay rasuah for my test. before you start judging me, i am not going to pay la. =)

but i just wanted to tell you about this awesome rule in Switzerland. if you fail your driving test 3 times, they will send you to see a psychologist. =D. super aweshums la. hahaha

okays. i have maths test this week, so i have to go nerd now.

and its raining! hahaha. =). yes i wanted to tell you it’s raining because i have a phobia of washing my hair when its raining because it takes too long and i’m scared that lightning will strike the house and go through the power lines and electrocute me while im washing my hair. haha. =).

byes pretty people. =)



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