Thursday, April 7, 2011


hehe. hellos pretty people!

my 2 and a half week break officially starts….


join me while i celebrate. =D

just one more lecture in the evening and im done! *does dance around room*

so ok, just a general update on my life. =)

- struggling to keep up with studies, so gonna fully utilise the break to understand what’s going on. but all in all, midterms were okok, finance test was like. aaaa wanna pull hair out d. business was ok as well. =)

- been baking a lot lately, like a whole lot. it helps me reduce stress you see. haha. and no, i’m not getting fat from my baking, i have awesome friends who finish whatever i bake for me. =)

- work is okok. im job-searching for another job atm though. lols. yes im fickle. hehes

- planning to make a trip up to sydney as well during the hols. fish and chips!! =D

- hmmm what else? can’t think of anything atm. lols.

so i now leave you with a picture, just cause i’m having a good hair day and i wanted to play with picnik. heh =D

Logitech Webcam



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