Saturday, March 19, 2011

skyfire 2011

hey peeps.

yes my blog is super duper uber dead, but i really have had no inspiration to write whatsoever.

so i’ve been here for about one and a half mnths now. starting to get used to everything. even my cooking has improved! =)

anyways, today was a busy saturday! from attending something in the morning to mid afternoon, to studying on my own in the info comms while listening to awesome songs on youtube, to going to watch skyfire with some awesome people!

yes, skyfire! honestly, i have no idea what it is even after going. haha. main reason for going was to watch fireworks. =)



i was experimenting with shutter speeds and all. haha. i uploaded all the pics on facebook nyways. =)

the fireworks were really really good!! they lasted for a good 15-20 mins i think?

then headed over for some pizza and some drinks. and now here i am. haha



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