Sunday, December 26, 2010

melacca part 3

lonngggg overdue post. i figured since im free today i might as well blog until my heart’s content. agreed? =)

so basically at night after dinner we roamed the streets of melacca and caught the attention of many onlookers. not because we look like tourists, but because some people decided to sing as loud as possible christmas carols followed by chinese songs. XD if your lucky you can find the video on facebook. haha. =). melacca7

after exploring melacca by night we ended up at a karaoke bar near the hotel. no pictures though.

the next morning, breakfast was at the hotel and then we headed out again to finish our shopping before going back to KL on the 3pm bus.


the end.

totally good trip, food was good, company was good, hotel quite nice as well. will definitely do it again with the same peeps again sometime soon! =)



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