Tuesday, October 5, 2010

empire state of mind


hi pretty people!

wish i remembered what i wanted to blog about, but since my brain doesn’t want me to remember, imma just update you, pretty reader, about my life atm.

so finals are in 26 days. yes im counting down. TT. trying to motivate myself but doesn’t seem to be working, i’m as lazy as ever. =s. got back my trial results.i didn’t fail anything! but i thought i would get better results than the ones i got. whatever it is, im grateful with what i got i guess, i think i kinda deserved it. totally learned my lesson about studying last minute. so imma try to work harder! the thick think books of past years are super daunting anyways, cause im lazy to put them in my cupboard as i’ll use them almost everyday, they’re in a pile beside my bed. TT.

hmm what else, been spending more time with friends. super enjoyable. especially board games with en, drew and long the other night. and also lunches with the classmates. we’re boycotting prom for karaoke and steamboat yo, u can join us too! haha. =)

leo pretty busy this month. this sunday the 10th is blind leading the blind. 17th is blood donation drive and health screening at subang avenue. 23rd is visit to SPCA. let me know if you wanna join! seriously go for the blood donation and health screening. more info on facebook. =p

been feeling pretty mixed up about how i feel. been so unsure and weighing the pros and cons. confession to make : i dreamt about you the other night. and honestly, it was quite pleasant. =), hahah! except it will never be i guess. =). a girl cant help wishing can she. =p anyway, you don’t even read my blog, cause you don’t know this exists! LMAO.

errr. i don’t think theres anything else. oh yeah, im super undecisive about which uni to go to. seriously, weighing the pros and cons. and of course im scared i cant meet the academic requirement. whatever it is though, i’ll probably be leaving good old malaysia in 4-5 months time, man, i’m gonna miss the food!

okays, i should go finish some more work while waiting for the gossip girl stream to load. oh yeah. i’m totally addicted to the new songs by the new season of glee. =p. they’re pretty awesome!. haha

i’ll update again soon. =).



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