Monday, August 16, 2010

food trips.

Friday went out with chee seng and eddy. we were supposed to go for bak kut teh dinner at klang, but last minute decided to go to Mid Valley instead. We watched Eclipse. but i wanna tell you about dinner. so seng wanted to eat pancakes. so ok go to paddington house of pancakes, he picked up the menu, while eddy and i taking out time. straight away pointed at something and said i want this. its called volcano or something right. and it states there its for 10 pax. haha. and yes we ordered it. we didn’t know what it looked like cause there were no photos on the menu. and guess what came out.

13082010194 13082010195

there were about 30 pancakes and 10 scoops or ice-cream. complete with coconut shavings, banana slices and mini pancakes. hahahaah

i ate about 5, chee seng ate about 6. and eddy ate about 12. yeah there was left over cause we just couldn’t finish it. hahahha.



P.S pics taken with phone camera. super <3 <3 <3

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